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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3 Month Professional Photos

I told you I would post these when we got them.... so here are some of our favorite shots from the boys' 3 month photo shoot.

Some shots of them together.... Even Mandy (photographer) was amazed she was able to get these shots with them both sleeping and snuggled up together. So precious.

MacKay wasn't in the best spirits on the day we had these pictures taken, so we didn't have as many pictures of him to chose from, but of the ones we did have they still were pretty good.

We had a ton of pictures of Oscar so it was hard to pick out of those... but I had to put the hat picture in. That turned out so adorable even tho he was swimming in that hat.

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susieknits said...

Sooooo sweet! They are precious. How lucky they are to have each other already! They can keep each other warm while snoozin'. :) Thanks for sharing.