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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shower, Roll Over and More....

Well this last weekend we had a shower to go to for the boys. The Doerr side (Chris's Mom's side) threw us a wonderful shower and it was so great to see everyone. We finally got to see Jackson who was born 3 months before the boys. Can't wait til they all are a bit older and can play together. The boys did tremendously well too and "hung out" with (and slept on) lots of new people. We got so many fun gifts too .... a lot more clothes for summer and beyond, Tonka Trucks, Radio Flyer Wagon, Scoop n Ride, Horsie Bouncer, Walk n Ride, Bounce n Spin Zebra and a new High Chair. Not to mention a very creatively made scrapbook that their cousin, Kelly made for them. Quite the haul. We've got some spoiled babies here :)

And we've hit yet another milestone.... MacKay rolled over from front to back yesterday. The boys were on the playmat (on their backs) and Oscar was attempting to roll to his tummy again but wasn't quite getting all the way around so I ran downstairs to get myself my frozen lunch out of our freezer and by the time I got back Oscar was on his tummy. Guess he just needed a little bit of privacy. So I took the boys and did some tummy time with them (since Oscar was already there) and about 20 seconds into tummy time (and me snapping pictures) MacKay pushed way up and to his own surprise flipped right over onto his back. WAY TO GO MACKAY!

And they still are being such good boys about eating (consistently finishing their 6-8 oz bottles), napping and sleeping. We've been putting them in their cribs for naps for a while now (vs letting them fall asleep wherever they are) and they go right down and sleep for an hour or so. And still sleeping 10-12 hours every night which is a godsend. Worried that once we stop swaddling them that all that will change.... but hopefully they fall right back into their schedule when we try that (maybe this weekend?)

Well as always here are some new pictures. Some of the shower, some comparisons of who they take after (even scanned in one of Chris's baby pictures), and just some miscellaneous ones too.

Here are some pictures of the shower of the boys with us, Grandma Diane and Noreen (who is expecting a baby on my birthday this year - YAY). They just loved Noreen... Mac sat with her blabbing all of our secrets (tsk tsk) and she had Oscar in stitches later talking about "poop". I should note that the cute Ralph Lauren outfits they were dressed in were from Don and Sue Rassett. Although as you can see, Oscar got a little too warm and had to shed his shirt after a while to take a nap on Grandma Diane.

Here are the boys in their new Horsie Bouncer from Grandma Chris. They haven't quite gotten the jist of how to bounce themselves, but they enjoy being in it and having US bounce them.

For some reason Daddy likes to mess with their hair (when it is desperately in need of a wash) and decided to try make MacKay look like Alfalfa *** see previous post where Oscar has a mohawk

And finally - everyone keeps asking or commenting on if the boys look like us. We personally think they are a pretty good "mix" of the two of us and our families. But after digging through old family photos we've found that they do take after certain people for the most part.
MacKay is practically a spitting image of Chris (see baby picture below). MacKay's face is a little more round where Chris's is more oval but the eyes, mouth and nose seem to be almost a perfect match. So lil Mr. MacKay is going to be a handsome dude just like his dad.
And Oscar seems to be a mix between his Mommy, his Grandma Chris, his uncle Dennis and mostly his Great Grandpa Skitch MacKay (who our MacKay is named after). Infact we have a picture of my Grandpa Skitch as a baby (which I took a picture of - see below) that looks SO much like Oscar it is just eerie. And Grandma Chris constantly sees little pieces of Skitch in Oscar when he smiles and looks a certain way.
So that's our opinion on who the boys look like - just a real good mix, but definitely leaning more in one direction. Take a look yourself and let us know what you think.

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