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Monday, March 17, 2008

What a BUSY weekend ...

WOW - did we just have a busy weekend. We had lots of places to go, people to meet and see... and the boys did pretty good overall. They had a hard time acclimating to all the chaos and weren't napping like they should and got a little fussy here and there.... but all is back to normal at home now.

Some new milestones with the boys: They've started using (and thoroughly enjoying) their exersaucers. Its fun to watch them move from toy to toy and make the full 360 degree turn to play with everything. MacKay has recently "found his feet" and grabs for them constantly, and both Oscar and MacKay have now started sucking their thumbs vs. trying to shove their entire fist in their mouth. They both are still little chatter boxes and giggling up a storm when Mommy and Daddy get goofy with them. And, to our delight, STILL sleeping through the night like perfect little angels. Tho Mommy is still completely neurotic and loses sleep waking up to check on them every hour. Unnnghh. When does the worrying stop?

We started out our busy (yet fun) weekend stopping by Lanny and Joyce Wadman's (Chris's friend Steve Wadman's parents). I hadn't seen them since our wedding so it was fun to stop in and introduce them to the boys. They were good at first but started getting fussy when it got close to their feeding time so we had to cut our stay a little short but we're so glad we finally got the chance to stop by with the boys. We then went to Grandpa Bean (Dean) and Grandma Bonnie's to visit and have dinner. Again - a little on the fussy side but Grandma Bonnie didn't give up and eventually MacKay and Oscar settled down. From there we went to Grandma Chris's just in time for their last feeding and to put them to bed. Had a great visit and Grandma Chris got her fill of her little boys again. She even got them all to herself while we went out and got our "sushi fix" with some friends. Not to mention the boys got to see/meet some more of Mommy's friends, Nikki Bjugan and Heidi and Chuck Nygren.

Sunday we packed the boys up and headed off to Great Grandma Bernice's (Hoglund) 90th birthday party. The WHOLE gang was there and it was so great to see the entire family and show the boys off. We even got to meet little Baby Trevor visiting from CA who was born just 10 days before MacKay and Oscar. The boys were SO good while we were there - no crying at all and were just smiling and taking it all in. We were invited to stop in at Dave and Noreen's house (Chris's cousin on mom's side) on Sunday as well. And I should note that we're now anxiously awaiting the results of Dave and Noreen's news on how many babies they're expecting. To date she is 7 weeks pregnant, they too went through IVF and had 3 put in.... very exciting. Dave's sister Steph was in town visiting from TX ... but the boys' schedule didn't really allow for us to make any more stops that day so were were not able to fit that into our already busy day. Ended up that they were completely wiped out after the birthday party anyway - but it was a bummer we couldn't make it to that. BUT.... we'll get to see them and the rest of the Doerr side of the family (Chris's Mom's side) next weekend at the shower they are throwing for the boys. We're very excited to introduce the boys to all of them. I'm sure there will be a lot of open arms there and the boys will get completely spoiled rotten with lots of hugs and kisses. :)
Well onto the real reason you come to this site.... some more fun pictures:

Here are some pictures of the boys in their new toys (the exersaucers).

Here are some pictures from Grandma Hoglund's 90th Birthday party on Sunday. The first is a picture of the Hoglund/Ledwein Family and the second is a picture of Grandma Hoglund with all of her Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. What a lucky lady.

And as always I need to post pictures of cute outfits recenly worn by the boys that our friends and family have bought for them. The first are MN Gopher outfits that Heidi Nygren got for the boys. The second are outfits Grandma Chris bought for them recently - the first pair of overalls they have worn.

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