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Thursday, March 20, 2008

And We Have ROLL OVER !!!

Well we've hit yet another milestone and this one took us completely by surprise. For the past 3 weeks MacKay has been oh so close to rolling over. He gets over onto his side and his arms just prevent him from going all the way. Last night Chris yelled "Look at Oscar..." and from out of nowhere he bypassed his brother and flipped right over from back to front while playing on his play mat. He did it 5 more times for us so we could get it on video as well. We always said that Oscar would be the one to watch MacKay suffer through all the "firsts" and just learn from watching him.... I'm wondering if this is actually going to be the way it happens from here on out. Either way - WAY TO GO OSCAR.

I know last post I mentioned that MacKay had "found his feet" as well - and he continues to constantly play with his little digits down there. Well Oscar caught up on that one too and I found him clinging onto his feet when I went to check on him during his nap yesterday. Two milestones in one day for Oscar.

I thought since I am posting I might as well throw in a few more pictures too since I know you all skip what I write and go right for the pictures anyway :)

Here is some proof of the boys clutching onto those feet

Some pictures from this past weekend at Grandma Chris's. We've recently found out that the boys do much better at tummy time (tho Oscar still gives up very easily) when you get down there yourself and read to them. So here is a picture of Grandma Chris and MacKay reading together.

And this is what Daddy does when he gets bored at Grandma Chris's. He plays with his boys' greasy hair (Oscar was in need of a bath) and makes crazy hairstyles.

And just had to share these cute onesies that Karen Canham had made for the boys. At the shower that Heidi through for me she had all the ladies decorate onesies and hats for the boys. I'm also including the classic picture of them in their tie dyed shirts (from back in January) that the talented Susan Commers made for them. We've got some creative friends I tell ya.

I'll try post early next week again as I'm sure we'll have some news and pictures from the shower for the boys this coming Saturday at Auntie Char's.

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