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Monday, March 3, 2008

4 Months Update and More.....

Just some updates first. The boys had their 4 month check up last Friday (2/29). Everything is well and they are catching up to the averages in weight and height. They were born in the 3rd percentile and now at 4 months are right at 50%.

MacKay measured in at 24 3/4" and 14 lbs 12 oz. He had quite a hard time with the shots at this appt though. Naturally he cried during the shots but he was screaming for 15 minutes after that. Poor little guy. We also asked the doctor his opinion about doing his "circ" at 6 months like the urologist recommended and he understood our concerns and said we should probably wait until 9-12 months since he has to be put under anesthesia for it and would handle it better at that time. He's quite active still too - SOOO close to rolling over from back to tummy (if it weren't for that shoulder). And MacKay is SUCH a good sleeper. I think he would honestly sleep until 10am each morning if it weren't for Oscar waking up and making the morning feeding be closer to 8am. I suppose he exhausts himself silly with how active he is throughout the day.

Oscar measured in at 25" and 15 lbs 9 oz. It's amazing that there is less than a pound difference between the two considering when you hold each of them there is a SIGNIFICANT difference in how heavy they feel. Oscar is just dense and so thick. Oscar was quite the trooper for these rounds of shots. He cried during the shots but the minute I picked him up to console him he was fine. The next day he was a bit cranky though and developed a bit of a fever. But it was nothing that a little Tylenol and a nice nap on Daddy's lap couldn't fix. Oscar is still the more laid back of the two... but don't confuse that with being needy. He definitely is the most high maintenence of the two. Just wants to be held all the time. He is probably the better eater of the two though. He consistently finishes his bottle at every feeding.

Some fantastic news.... the boys are now on a regular schedule that we can plan our lives around. In the past few weeks they moved from eating 5 times a day to eating 4 times a day. They get up around 8am for their first feeding, and then eat every 4 hours until their last feeding around 8:30. At each feeding they are eating 6-8 oz too (closer to 8 oz for the first and last feedings of the day). And we lay them down around 9:30/10pm for bed and they sleep until around 8am the next morning. This is GREAT! And this time around the shots didn't affect their eating habits like it did last time so they are eating like champs. They're wearing 3-6 months clothes (tho not sure for how much longer) and in size 2 diapers (soon to move to size 2-3)

They both are little jabbermouths too. MacKay will sit and have an entire conversation with Chris. His "talking" is so sweet and soft. And then there is Oscar whose tongue is too big for his mouth and his "talking" sounds more gutteral and nasally. But he's definitely trying to communicate - tho he needs to learn he needs to take his fist out of his mouth first :) And we can get them into total fits of laughter by simply sitting them on our laps and clapping their hands together. So much fun to get them giggling.

Recently they have really come to acknowledge each other and interact with each other. They will reach out to touch each other (or just grab a handful of the other's sleeve and make them cry), talk with each other, smile at each other. They are genuinely interested in each other and will crank their heads around to find the other whether they are lying right next to each other or an entire room away. Can't wait for the day they play with each other and really start to bond and become the best of friends.

Below are some fun pictures we've taken in the last month .... and I know I posted a link to some of the photos from their professional session with Mandy Birdwell, but we should be getting the total package sometime soon and will post some of our favorites out here. She did such a fantastic job with them... can't wait to go back when they are 6 and 12 months. Enjoy.

Here are some fun outfits that the boys got as gifts from their many friends.
Gotta at least get them in them once and get a nice picture of it. I'm going to continue to do this as they get bigger and start growing into all the outfits people have gotten them. So stay tuned ...

These adorable coats were from their good friends Susan Chelte and Susan Link.

Dad was so proud to see his boys in these John Deere outfits from Mike and Harper Eichten. We really miss them since they moved away to Duluth.

These cute onesies were from the Nepote Family (Monica, Tristan, Ava and Preslee) and also came with matching Taggie Blankets. Unfortunately, RIGHT after this picture was taken, MacKay had his 2nd "blow out" and this onesie could not be salvaged. At least he got to wear it once though.
We got these outfits a LONG time ago right after we found out we were having boys. Grandpa Gary and Terri got so excited they had to go out and get them some matching outfits. There were cute hoodie sweatshirts that went with these but we never got a picture of them in those. MacKay and Oscar got dressed up in these when Grandpa Gary and Terri came to visit after getting back from their new place in Scottsdale AZ. We can't wait to take the boys there next year when they are a bit older.

Just some other pictures I thought I would share....

Oscar just loves his baths.... he smiles and laughs almost the entire time

MacKay is hit or miss on if he is going to have a fun bath or not... but I just love this pose he struck for this picture. Showing off those nice chunky legs...

The boys are smiling and giggling so much now. They truly are happy babies.

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