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Friday, April 4, 2008

5 Months....

Well the boys are FIVE months old now. WOW. Chris took them on the scale with him the other day and according to our scale MacKay is 17.5 lbs and Oscar is 19 lbs. We've hit a few more milestones as well. Oscar had his first "blow out" a few days ago - another onesie that just could not be salvaged. MacKay figured out how to use the Horsie Bouncy that Grandma Chris got for him. He for some reason is FULL of energy after their last feeding at ~ 7pm so we have to put him in the bouncy for about 30 minutes to tire him out. He's also started shrieking, these very high pitched squeals and screams in pure amusement of himself. They both are standing assisted and can even push up from a sitting position with us just holding onto their hands. And getting much better at tummy time and pushing up with their arms, long enough for us to read them a story. We also just took our first walk around the neighborhood today. It was so nice out and they were just entertained by all there was to see outside the walls of our house.

Yesterday Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Bean (Dean) visited for the night to bring Chris his early birthday present and the boys their Easter baskets since we couldn't make it to Easter with them this year. Which was a huge bummer cuz they got all the grandkids Bunny Ears to wear and that would have been quite the picture. Tho we did put them on them and get a few fun shots.

Next weekend we head down to the cities again to put Daddy Chris on a plane to CA where he is taking a test to be licensed to do surveying there. We'll be staying with Grandma Chris (who just informed me she got another "Horsie Bouncer" to have at HER house - that woman keeps Babies R Us and Toys R Us in business I swear) and she's going to have her first night alone with them while Mommy goes out with her friends to celebrate Michelle's "wifette" party. That should be interesting :) And another two weeks after that (the 26th) we head back down to the cities to have the boys' SIX month pictures taken with Mandy Birdwell again. Hoping they have learned how to sit up a bit better by then.
Well as always here are some more pictures of the boys:
The boys with Gma Bonnie and Gpa Bean (Dean) and their Bunny Ears
Oscar in his Exersaucer and MacKay in his Horsie Bouncer
Just some cute miscellaneious pictures. The sleepers they are wearing on their tummy picture are from their Aunt Dani and family (Chris, Tyler, Rachel, Keonata and Devin)
And as always, some pictures of the boys in outfits/gifts from friends and family. These striped hoodie outfits were from Gpa Bean (Dean) and Gma Bonnie for Xmas.
And here the boys are with their treasured Taggie Blankets from the Gohman family. Jon Gohman is a coworker/friend of mine from Thrivent that I still keep in touch with (and miss terribly) and he swore by these. THANK YOU GOHMAN, cuz the boys love them and won't go down for a nap without them. We also have some other Taggie Blankets from the Nepotes and from Ellie and Heidi. So even when they might need laundering, the boys will always have a nice clean Taggie to cuddle up with.

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