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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Five and a half months....

Well only a few new updates to share, otherwise things are pretty much the same. We just got back from a long weekend (Tuesday - Sunday) down in the cities. Daddy Chris needed to go to CA to take a surveying test so we all went down to the cities so I could have some help (Grandma Chris) while he was gone. While we were there MacKay learned how to gasp in excitement (usually while in his Galloping Fun horsie bouncer) and Oscar started the high pitched shrieking. We also practiced some more sitting up and they do pretty well at that for a while (aside from me grabbing them before they topple over) before they start folding forward like tacos. And they're really pushing up off of their chests when on their bellies. Working out those muscles they will need to start crawling all around the place and driving mommy batty. MacKay also has rolled over from his back to his stomach, so now we're just waiting for Oscar to flip from tummy to back and we'll have "rolling over" completely checked off on our list of milestones.
Grandma Chris even got them for an evening by herself while I went out with my girlfriend's to celebrate Michelle's Wifette party. It was so great seeing all my friends again - I miss you guys terribly. :) We also took the lil dudes shopping at the Carter outlet store in Albertville. MacKay was really hamming it up with the girls that worked there. What a little flirt. And we stopped by Grandma Diane's on the way back up to Brainerd for a little bit too so she could get in her fill of the boys.

As always here are some fun pictures we've taken recently

The boys sitting up.
Oscar seems to be the more sturdy of the two, although MacKay can sense when he is going to topple to the side and catches himself before he completely falls over.

MacKay enjoying the Galloping Fun Bouncer at Grandma Chris's, and Oscar made a new best friend with this blue chew toy on Grandma Chris's Exersaucer

Here are some pictures of the boys dressed up in this adorable outfit from my Aunt Sandy and Uncle Denny. Get a load out of the matching caps. I'm hoping they still fit in these for their 6 month pictures. Wouldn't these outfits (and hats) just be a hoot?

And lastly just another cute picture of our little men in some classic jean overalls (cute socks courtesy of Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Dean).

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