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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Starting Solids...

Well, we started the boys on rice cereal this past weekend and it was a success. They both took to it quite easily and as far as MacKay was concerned we couldn't shovel it in fast enough for him. Oscar did well too, but he really likes to roll it around in his mouth and play with it before actually swallowing. We got some nice pictures of their messy little faces too (see below)... can't wait to start veggies and fruits soon.

On a bit of a bum note, the whole family has "the crud" right now. Started out with Chris who is just now getting over a bad sinus and ear infection, and this weekend it hit MacKay and me, and yesterday it hit Oscar. Amazingly the boys seem to be handling it much better than we adults. I feel like I have been hit by a bus, yet I look over at MacKay and Oscar and they are just beaming with big smiles not letting this bug get them down. MacKay seems to be on the upward swing of it, and hoping Oscar is on his way there now too. I just hate hearing that "snotty" sound in their noses, poor guys.

Grandma Chris is here right now helping out as well cuz Chris had to run down to Iowa to do some work for a couple days/nights. She's been a HUGE help considering I've been out of sorts with this cold/sinus infection... I'm so glad she was able to come up and help out for a few nights. And she was very excited to see that Oscar has now figured out how to work the horsie bouncer and is a "bouncing fool" just like his brother now. Not to mention she got to handle her first grandchild blow out with Oscar... timing couldn't have been more perfect as they were due for a bath anyway. :)

As always... some pictures.

Messy faces here. We even got the chance to use the personalized and engraved spoons for the boys that we got from Bruce and Sandy Grivna for their first feeding.

Angus has been a source of entertainment for MacKay and Oscar, and lately they are just mesmerized by him and watch him all the time, reaching out to touch him as he walks by etc. Angus is amazingly gentle with them and loves to lick their slobbery faces... tho he loves to run off with their toys as well (naughty Angus).

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mssmartypants said...

hahaha...they are SO darn cute...i'm going to have to come see you guys soon...i miss them (well you too of course :-)