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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Say it aint so.......Oscar POOPED in the TOILET!

Could a mother be any more proud?? I think not.
Yes, Oscar pooped in the toilet. Last night (Tues 1/25/11) I was trying to make Chicken Parmesan and I swear the kids wanted to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes. Granted, they had been drinking a lot of juice and water throughout the day.... but the one time in the day where I just needed everyone to be independent and just play.... they all were vying for my attention and wanting to make multiple trips to the bathroom. I also blame it on the fact that I've now made pee'ing fun for them .... now that they pee standing up and get to pick various things to pee on (images I've drawn on toilet paper tiles). Not to mention when one sees the other heading to the bathroom, they are bound to follow and try give it a go. But with Oscar, he had told me he had poopies .... and I found that nothing was in his pants so I asked him if he had to GO poop, which he said yes to. So we ran to the bathroom. I was mid battering up my chicken, so I quickly washed my hands and got him up on the toilet and told him that I was going to give him some privacy so he could go poop and that I would be back in five minutes and to NOT get off the toilet no matter what. I could just see the image of poop smeared everywhere from him trying to dismount from the toilet etc. Yuck. As I was leaving he was proudly telling me that he was pee'ing and I just told him that usually when we have to poop, we pee a little too, and to just sit tight and try for a few minutes while I finished up the chicken. I came back around 4-5 minutes later and he was still on the toilet. (YAY). He told me he pooped, but when I asked if he REALLY had, he told me "No... I just pee Mommy." So I told him it was good that he tried and that he needed to tell me again if he felt the need to go poop and let him go through his routine of pulling up his pants, stickers, washing hands and M&Ms and we were on our way back to cooking again, or at least I thought we were. About 10 minutes later, while I was frying up the chicken... which was just shy of being ready to be flipped, Oscar came to me again.... grabbing at the back of his pants telling me he had poopies. We went through the same conversation as he didn't have anything back there and he said he needed to go poop. So down the hallway we went again ..... went through the same schpeel about how I would check on him in 5 minutes and to NOT get off the toilet under any circumstances. So I let him be and after I flipped my chicken I went to check on him again. When I walked in he had a BIG smile for me and told me "I pee'd AND pooped, Mommy." When I asked him if he was serious he said "Yeah... I serious." Sure enough, he was serious. After a series of praising, hugs, high fives, knuckles, dancing around and a few "WOO HOOO"s we got him cleaned up .... and got him his big dinosaur sticker and FIVE M&Ms (they only get 2 for pee'ing). He was SO proud and kept telling me how proud I was of him.... "You're proud of me, Mommy..... you're so proud?" I love it. He even wanted two dinosaur stickers (which I happily allowed him) so he could put one on his chart and also wear one. I told him that when Daddy came home, he had to show him his dinosaur sticker (on his arm) and tell him WHY he got that sticker. He ran out into the living room and told MacKay about it straight away.
It was at that moment (when I heard him bragging to MacKay) that I realized it was time to REALLY reward him and give him his choice between the big garbage truck and helicopter toys we've been using as "bait" for so long. Initially I had wanted to give them when they were consistently going to the bathroom (no, or minimal, accidents). But I figured they don't know what "consistent" bathroom use is .... AND, they had both been dry for so many days at this point. I know we're going to have bad days here and there... when they are just too engrossed in whatever they are doing to take time to realize they have pee running down their leg.... but I pretty much consider them about 100% on peeing, and that first poop on the toilet was a huge milestone to me.... and to Oscar. So I told him that he could get his garbage truck (the one he has stated over and over again is his) after he was done with his dinner.
Immediately after finishing dinner and getting cleaned up he was begging me to follow him into his bedroom closet to get his prized garbage truck. And I must say, he hasn't put it down since. For Oscar, this garbage truck is like what Diesel 10 is to MacKay. MacKay was pretty bummed he wasn't getting his helicopter ... but we just reminded him what he needed to do to get his helicopter down off the shelves. Even this morning I reminded him over and over again that if he wanted his helicopter, he simply needed to poop in the toilet instead of in his pants.
And I should note..... in all the excitement last night, and even this morning, over the garbage truck.... we HAVE had a couple accidents. Oscar was so interested in his garbage truck that he ignored the signs he needed to go visit the bathroom again. But we just used that as a way to explain to him how we expect him to use the toilet ALL the time now, and that if he continues to have accidents that we will have to take the garbage truck away. Both MacKay and Oscar had little accidents this morning too... where they started, got wet... but then stopped and let the rest out in the toilet. Again I told Oscar this was just a little accident and I was glad he caught it before it made too big of a mess... but that he needed to be more aware and save it all for the toilet if he wanted to keep his treasured garbage truck. And MacKay ended up pooping in his pants this afternoon which was a bummer... I was really hoping that Oscar would inspire him to give it a try. He talked a big talk about doing it so he could get his helicopter... but we'll have to wait for another day for that one, which is fine by me. I wasn't even expecting any "poop" strides any time soon anyway .... but am SO happy to report that Oscar even did it this once.
Oscar and his prized Tonka Garbage Truck

Evie in a new dress .... from the Nygren family. She was SO aware she was wearing a long flowy dress.... twirling and swaying and playing with the skirt part.

That's it for now, just a quick post from a very proud Mom.

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