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Friday, January 14, 2011

Hoglund Boys Potty Training.... Round... ???? Oh who's keeping track anyway....

Just a quick post to share some good news on the potty training front. We had decided we wanted to give it another go after the holidays were over, so here we are. And with talk about their new "big boy" beds and room, I think it's only fitting to get them to BE big boys and say good bye to diapers and hello to underwear, .... heck, I'd be happy even with pull-ups. So yesterday (Thurs 1/13) afternoon I put Oscar in a pull-up and talked to him about all the good ole stuff: not peeing/pooping on Buzz Lightyear and Woody (on his pull-ups), being a big boy, how only babies wear diapers, how all the kids in his class are using the potty etc. Put him on the toilet a couple times and was shoving juice and water down him like crazy ...... and it worked. We were all sitting in there (Oscar, MacKay, Evie, myself etc) hanging out waiting for Oscar to go when all of a sudden he started trying to yell out over our talking .... "I'm doing it... I'm doing it..... I'm PEE'ing!" I only caught the sounds of the last few drops hitting but that was enough for me. We did a little celebration dance and I made a big deal out of it, gave him a huge hug, put on my best smile and told him how proud of him I was. He was all too eager to dig into our bag of M&Ms and picking out TWO green M&Ms for himself. And meticulously put up another monkey sticker on his tree, right where he had told me he was going to put it just hours before. I tried not to get my hopes too high .... but was hopeful that this was all he (they) needed... just that experience of doing it successfully once. But still the interest isn't where it probably should be, and we had yet another couple "accidents" later that night with him but I was bound and determined to get this up and running again the next morning.
This morning (Fri 1/14) I woke the boys up and the only one interested in going on the potty right away was MacKay, and I think that was purely motivated by the desire for some chocolate. I tried with both of them MANY times, every 20-30 minutes ..... and for some reason they refused to go, yet would release in their diaper or pull-up between trips to the bathroom. That is SO infuriating. Would sit there for 15-20 minutes each time and I know it was a matter of seconds or minutes and they would wet themselves. We haven't really tackled poop yet, though when they wet or dirty themselves now I just sternly tell them "No, we don't do that anymore. Not in our pants, we do that in the toilet." Plain and simple. They get it and can spout it right back to me .... but they don't quite know how to spot the urge or signs it is coming yet. It probably didn't help to have all of us sitting in there, Evie distracting them.... going over and giving them hugs and getting into things etc. But I haven't a clue how to potty train twin boys and still keep a 1.5 year old busy and out of their hair.
But we had success finally. Oscar finally relaxed enough (stopped gabbing non stop on the potty for a minute or so) and pee'd while on the potty chair. I totally missed it as he did it when I stepped out of the room to go get them more juice (to fuel them up). I came back and he immediately told me "I did it .... I pee'd." He was quite shocked to be able to actually SEE his pee in the potty chair and wanted me to take a picture of it. [Sorry, I know it's gross, but he was so proud .... as was I] MacKay got pretty excited watching all the hub-bub going on about Oscar's potty success so I was hoping it would inspire him.... which it must have. After letting Oscar get his treat and stickers posted I sat with MacKay a bit longer. After a few minutes I thought about how I had left and Oscar went, so I decided to give it a go again and left to go empty the diaper pail (which was piling over) and told him I was going to leave him in there by himself to have some privacy and that I would be back in a minute. As I walked past the closed bathroom door with my bag of nasty diapers I called to him asking how it was going and he responded "I pee'd Mommy... I PEE'd. I did it... I did it!" I dropped the bag right there in the hall and ran in to find dribbles on the potty seat and that lovely guard they make for boys ... enough evidence for me. I started jumping around and singing and dancing (he just shyly giggled at me) and he too got a huge hug. After his hug he pulled back and looked at me and said "You're welcome." It was like he heard my thoughts or something. So he washed his hands and got to dig into the bag of M&Ms for his first time EVER... and was quite picky on exactly which monkey sticker he wanted for his tree. He ran down the hall yelling for all the world to hear "I pee'd... I pee'd... I PEE'D!" I asked him if he wanted to call someone and tell them about it and he said he wanted to call Daddy.... so we did. Then he said he wanted to call Gma Chris... so we did.
We've had more "accidents" than we've had successes so far today.... but I'm just focusing more on the fact that the boys have each gone potty 3 times so far today. Though, I realized.... we've gone through 2-3 times MORE diapers/pull-ups for the boys just this morning, than we go through in an entire day between all three kids. Doesn't seem worth it... but I am hoping to have something to REALLY write about by the end of this weekend. My main goal ... to get them to tell me when they have to go vs just having them "per chance" go cuz they are being wrangled into the bathroom on a schedule of some sort. I want to give up this "Okay, it's time to go try again" tactic and instead be more passive and wait for them to show the initiative. God, what I would pay to have someone do this for me. I hate this potty training stuff.
As per usual, I can't let ANY event go by without documenting it via camera. So here are some of the shots we've taken in the past 24 hours.
Oscar last night (Thurs 1/13) proudly donning the first pair of pull-ups he's worn in quite a while.... and this was taken just prior to him going potty for the first time for us.

Evie feeling a little sassy last night.... wanting to wear her tutu after getting her jammies on for the night. She was sitting with Chris, smelling her feet and then making sounds of disgust (pew).

Evie just had to be involved with everything we were doing in the bathroom this morning (Fri 1/14) .... here she is hugging the boys.

Oscar doing some "grunting".... something he thinks he needs to do to "push out" some pee.

This kills me..... what a softie MacKay is. He's always been so tactile and sensitive when it comes to the finishes or textures of fabrics. He LOVES smooth and soft things..... particularly satin. It's like a drug for him. When he finds satin, or things with satin on them, he juts out his upper lip and rubs the satin across his upper lip. He does this with his blanket he sleeps with which is satin trimmed. Another way he gets his "fix" is to find the side tags on his shirts and just rips them up, exposing his belly and chest, to rub them on his lip.

Oscar pointing at the pee he left in the potty chair ..... and wanting me to take a picture of the pee in there. [I'll spare you all that picture]

MacKay's FIRST pee on the potty ..... proudly being able to flush the toilet (we have a rule that they only get to flush a toilet if they pee'd in it) and pointing at the toilet as it "goes around and around and around down the hole."

Hoping to have more success stories to share and maybe even be in underwear by the end of the weekend. ..... but probably not.

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