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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fun Day ..... 5 kids all under 3 yrs of age for three hours = CHAOS but FUN

The title pretty much says it all.... but we had such a fun filled day today. This morning at 7:45am, Shawna dropped her boys off for me to watch while she had her super fun glucose test at her OB office. It's so fun watching her cute belly grow and I am SOOOO excited for her and can't wait to meet this lil peanut when it arrives, my bets are still girl. All my kids were still sleeping so I got to take Jack and Wyatt with me to go wake them up. Oscar was just THRILLED when he saw them at his bedroom door, while MacKay just kept on sleeping for another 5+ minutes. Meanwhile Evie was just shrieking from across the hall in her room eager to see what all the fuss was about. Toys were dug into IMMEDIATELY and before long my house looked like a day care facility, yet again. Wrangled my kids up for some breakfast while Jack and Wyatt tore into and familiarized themselves with all the new toys the boys had gotten for Xmas. You could tell they really wanted to get their hands on Diesel 10 (probably more so cuz MacKay clutched it tightly the entire time ... you know, the ole you want what you cannot have thing), but MacKay kept a very close eye on him for those brief moments he did have to put him down. They all played VERY nicely ... only a few scuttles over some toys but nothing rough or mean on either side - which is pretty much par for the course with this crew. They always play so nicely, don't know if it is a twin thing (being used to having a shadow or 24/7 playmate etc) or just these boys' (and Evie's) calm demeanors... maybe a little of both. Jack even taught Evie "knuckles," something I had been trying to do with her ever since she caught onto high 5s.... but had been unsuccessful as she always wanted open palm vs fist. But Jack walked right up to her and stuck his fist up to hers and said something that closely resembled "knuckles" and she was so enthralled that they just kept doing it over and over and over again. So thanks to a little 2.5 yr old, my daughter can now do "knuckles." Go figure. We kept very busy with trains and setting up multiple train tracks for them to put their Thomas TrackMaster engines on .... driving around trucks and tractors ..... and pretty much just digging everything out just to check it out. As per usual Wyatt was Angus' best friend, on numerous occasions I would find Wyatt leaning on or all snuggled up with Angus giving him lots of love. While Jack was all about the boys' school bus (doo bus) and their giant T-Rex dinosaur that he lugged around with him for a good part of his stay here. According to Shawna they've been starting to like dinosaurs. I like when our kids like some of the same things - makes it fun when they go to each others' houses and find toys (different toys) that really interest them. And since they are starting to get into Thomas trains as well... we've got TONS of things to keep them interested over here (Thomas, dinosaurs, cars, buses, fire trucks ..... etc)
After the Williams boys left we cleaned up a bit and had some waffles (boys' request) for lunch. And I told the boys they did such a good job sharing with their friends that we were going to bring out the play dough again that afternoon. So when Evie went down for a nap (she was more than eager to.... she kept very busy with the boys and was run quite ragged) we pulled out the play dough and big bin of tools that go with it and the boys went to town. I love play dough.... not only does it keep the boys' attention for hours, but I have fun doing it as well. We made a couple snow men and then squashed them .... rolled out snakes .... stamped out dinosaurs and vehicles etc. It also seems that play dough has a calming effect on them, funny enough... a topic we had just covered this week at ECFE and how tactile things like this can be used to calm over stimulated children. Not that my boys are (or were) over stimulated... but they were in SUCH good spirits during it and for quite a while after. I practically had to pry them away from the table to clean it up before Evie got up from her nap. Not that I was trying to deprive Evie of the experience... it's just that she's not quite at that age where she "gets" play dough. She's constantly putting it in her mouth ... like she's forgotten each time that just minutes before she tried it and didn't like the taste.
I also must note because today was even more out of the ordinary concerning this..... Evie has become SUCH a love bug. She gives the BEST little hugs. She wraps her pewny little arms around you so tightly and just squeezes and gives out these little sighs and moans like she's just thoroughly enjoying it. It's so cute and my heart melts EVERY time. For the longest time she was a wriggler and you couldn't get her to sit still long enough to cuddle, but now she's just a little lover - I love it. And today she was definitely on her game. Not sure if she was trying to mark her territory in front of Jack and Wyatt or what. But even after they left she just couldn't get enough of me and I wish I could have just stayed in that moment forever.
Well here are some pictures from our fun filled day
Evie (still in her PJs) just thrilled to have company so early in the morning ... just hanging with her buddy Jack

Jack and his buddy for the day.... T-Rex

Oscar showing Wyatt and Jack and thing or two on his new Leapster 2

Evie in a sea of books that she decided to rip out of her shelving unit

Waffles for lunch... Evie cramming them into her mouth with her LEFT [sigh] hand. She switches back and forth and will use her right when we hold the utensil out for her right hand.... but she tends toward the left it seems.

Play Dough time....

MacKay's Preschool Homework: The letter "H." This canister gets sent home with different kids each week. It has a different letter each time (for them to trace and practice writing) and they are to fill the canister with things they find around the house that start with that letter. I dug out a bunch of things, some "H" things, some not... and had MacKay tell me which ones started with that "H" sound. We ended up including the items pictured below: picture of the Hoglund family, a horse, a hippo, a letter "H" bath toy, and lastly... Harold the Helicopter. We had a horn (for their trikes) but it wouldn't fit in there, MacKay was pretty bummed. I also had to proudly display MacKay's attempts at tracing the letters "H" and "h".

That's all for now ....

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