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Thursday, January 13, 2011

MacKay and Oscar's Preschool Homework: the letters "H/h" & "I/i"

I dropped Evie off at Shawna's house this morning on our way in to take the boys to preschool... this way she could play with her friends, Jack and Wyatt, again as well as give me a chance to watch the boys during part of their class (from the parent room) and also get some shopping done. I really just wanted to catch the first few minutes of circle time/show and tell as MacKay was going to share his "homework" that we had worked on the day before. He was pretty proud, standing there with Miss Michelle who showed everyone the wonderful job he did writing the letter H/h and talking about all the "H" items he had put in the jar. It's fun to just sit back and watch them, I even think they do better without the parents around. Then Miss Michelle asked MacKay to put all of his items back in his locker (which he did - just dumped them all right in there vs put them in his bag.... sigh) and assigned the letter "I/i" to Oscar. I/i? Come on.... what was I supposed to come with that starts with I/i that would fit in that little jar, huh? :) I figured I had the next couple hours to brainstorm while I did some shopping ...
Well, I did come up with a few ... and Gma Chris even put some worksheets she used when she did daycare in the mail in case I couldn't come up with anything else to put in there. Oscar was more than excited to write his letter when we got home. He kept repeating as he wrote .... "Line across.... line down.... line across .......... line down and DOT" It was so cute. And then it hit me... in the tote I had all their markers/crayons, glue, scissors etc in... there were some packs of stickers and I KNEW I had some bumble bee stickers. Dug around and found those AND some other stickers of bugs.... INSECTS. So he had a blast putting those on there - lady bugs, grasshoppers, dragon flies, bees etc. Then I gave him a bunch of items I had gathered... some were "I" items, some not. And we talked about the two sounds (long and short) that I makes and went through the items. I have to say we're cheating a bit as one of the items makes it so the lid won't stay on... but so far we have the following (as pictured) shoved in there: an ice cream truck, an island (basically just a base with a couple palm trees - hope Miss Michelle gets the gist of that one), a foam letter "I" (bath toy), and an inner tube (another bath toy). And here I was thinking the only things we were going to be able to come up with would be pictures we would have to cut out of magazines.
My last post showed MacKay with his homework... so here are some pictures of Oscar with his homework. As well as a picture of Evie looking so hip and sassy in her full outfit (including skinny jeans that finally fit her) from the Ledwein family.

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