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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sick Oscar, Sick MacKay, Sick Evie = Exhausted Mommy and Daddy (who are also sick)

Does it get any worse than sick kids... while also being sick yourself? unnngh. Well it started with Oscar early last week (Tues 3/2) with intermittent fevers and just a little bit of a drippy nose. Well the drippy nose got worse (as did the fever) and by Friday (3/5) MacKay was starting it up... and of course it was the same as usual. Oscar always gets these bugs first and it just lingers forever with him... and when it finally hits MacKay it hits HARD. By Saturday Oscar was bawling every time he coughed so we decided he needed to be seen. So I reluctantly accepted that yet ANOTHER photo shoot was going to go awry and called up Trina to tell her she didn't need to rush over like previously planned as we weren't going to include the boys in the shoot.... just Evie, as she was the only one (at that time) feeling decent. So Chris took Oscar into Urgent Care while we got ready for Evie's 6 (really 7) month photo shoot. And luckily, Grandma Chris had come up to visit and help out during the shoot (gets a bit crazy) ..... so she just kept MacKay occupied playing with puzzles while we blazed through Evie's pictures. Trina even joked that it might have been a record, 5+ changes in outfits/props etc in under 20 minutes time..... and I should say, all smiles and no tears whatsoever. Evie was a trooper and LOVED flirting with the camera. If you want to check out a sneak peak of the pictures from the photo shoot check out the photographer's blog ( Can't wait to see the rest of them - will be sure to post my favorites, as I always do, as soon as I get them. P.S. The trip to urgent care didn't find anything with Oscar other than just the common viral cold going around. Lungs sounded fine (which was shocking to us, his cough made it sound like it was BAD) but it was good just to know. AND... I'm glad we kept the photo appt with Trina (we were thinking of postponing to the next weekend) as Evie started getting the runny nose on Sunday. So that was good timing for us.
As a followup to all the sickness, I had called the kiddos' pediatrician on Monday (wanted to know Benadryl dosing instruction for Evie) but they could hear Oscar coughing and crying from over the phone and asked that I bring them all in instead. So we booked up back to back appts for all of them for Tuesday. Glad we did, cuz later that night Oscar told me, on two occasions, that "It hurt! It hurt" while pointing at his ear. One was bad too as he was in bed and started crying. So Tuesday we hauled them all in.... and found out that Oscar DID in fact have an infection in his left ear (the one he was pointing at the night before)... and MacKay had an infection in his right ear, yet the doctor noted that his left ear didn't look so hot either. So bummed... we had made it this long (2+ years) avoiding ear infections and here we were. So I am hoping this is just a one time thing and we don't have recurring problems with this. Evie looked okay but the doc did tell me that she probably hasn't hit the worst of it yet and to really watch her in the next few days. (fun fun fun). Weird tho, cuz all she had was the sinus stuff.... no fever the whole time. All in all though, the boys are doing a lot better now. And I will say, tho I HATE when my kids are sick.... the ONE piece of silver lining in this..... my boys are NAPPING. :) I know I know, I am horrible. But really, it was nice to see that whenever MacKay was starting to get tired he would just say "Bed Mommy.... Nap" and would walk right into his room and lie down and go to sleep. I'm just going to enjoy it for now, as I know it won't last long I'm sure.
Here's some big news...... Evie got her first tooth. We just noticed it last night, and it is her left bottom one. I guess that might explain the congestion with her considering she never had a fever like the boys did. Chris noticed it while rolling around on the ground with her while I was giving the boys their baths. Which I should note .... just prior to us finding out that our little princess cut a tooth, she got PEE'D on by her big brother. While getting the boys ready for their bath I took Oscar's diaper off and in the 2-3 seconds it took me to turn around and grab MacKay's diaper (to throw in the pail) Oscar had peed on his little sister. I didn't even witness it, just noticed that Oscar was unusually interested in his .... well.... manhood... which is something he's done the other times (which haven't been many) he's peed on the floor. Sure enough the floor in between him and Evie was wet as was her entire back. I just kept laughing later that night at that sight.... Evie sitting there so innocent and sweet while her brother was standing above her showering her. So Evie had a very eventful night last night. Can't wait to tell her years from now how the night that we discovered her first tooth was the same one where she got pee'd on by Oscar.
Oh well, that is enough.... not a lot of pictures for this post, as I still don't have my nice Nikon back. Long story, but we had forgotten that we had purchased the extended coverage/warranty on that camera through Best Buy. So instead of paying Nikon over $200 (what they wanted to fix it), we instead opted for them to send the camera back to us so we can bring it into Best Buy like we should have to begin with. Either they will fix it for free... or if they cannot fix it they "junk it" and give me credit to buy another similar camera in the store. Meanwhile I'm having anxiety attacks cuz I feel naked without my camera... it's normally like another appendage for me :)
Here is Evie in her first pair of real PJs.... tho it's like she was shoved into them, they were already too small (size 12 months). So now we've moved onto 18 month PJs.

I love this picture of the boys cuz they just look like "James Dean WannaBe Studs" - just hanging out waiting to go to ECFE class the other week

Evie hanging out in her high chair while I got the boys ready to go in the car for ECFE - she's just always smiling.

Okay.... warning, these are a bit goofy. My good friend Heidi sent up a bunch of hats/tutus etc for me to use for Evie's photo shoot and here were a couple of the "head wear" items ... at the same time. We laughed and said she looks like one of those old ladies who doesn't know when to stop accessorizing. :) And the last picture is with just the hat..... one that we used for the actual photo shoot.

MacKay and Oscar chillin' in the chair we borrowed from the Williams family as a prop for Evie to sit in..... Evie really didn't get much time in it (aside from the actual picture taking) as the boys wouldn't give it up :) I should note, this is when they started getting "the crud", you can sorta see it in their faces.

Well unfortunately that is it for pictures this time around. Will have more when I get the CD from Trina from Evie's photo shoot and will post some of my favorites. Take care.

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Lund7 said...

You poor momma with all those sick children!! Hope you are all over that soon!

The pee-ing on his sister story was a good one...something you will remember for years to come!

Glad to see you on Facebook!