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Friday, March 12, 2010

Evie's 6 month (really 7 month) photo shoot

First off, I just need to say.... if anyone in the Brainerd area needs a good photographer, look up Trina Sutton at She is fantastic. I LOVE these pictures and she is SO good with kids - really takes the time to get to know them and let them get to know her. Thanks again Trina.
Let's start off with Evie in her adorable little Matilda Jane knot dress. Was going to save this for her 1 year pictures, but using it now just gives me a reason to find another cute outfit for her 1 year pictures. :)

Gotta always have the plain white onesie pictures (we have these of the boys for their 6 month pictures as well). The cute red rocker she is in was borrowed from a friend of mine, another fellow mother of twin boys - Shawna Williams. Thanks Shawna.

And the petti skirt we borrowed from my good friend Heidi. This was definitely the highlight and I just couldn't seem to pare down the pictures of her with this one. She loved sitting there in all that frill .... playing with it, being bashful and hiding behind it. SO CUTE.

Some pictures in a cute hat we also used from the big bag of stuff Heidi sent our way. It was just such a cute and simple hat. Note, two of the pictures are the same, just one is in BW with the pink flower.

Lastly, something I had seen in other photos and wanted to try ..... naked little Evie on our bed. I was just praying she wouldn't pee or poo the entire time.

Well hope you enjoyed them. I LOVE them and cannot wait to see what we can get from her 1 year pictures. Once we have all those we're going to look through what we have for the boys' and Evie's first year of pictures and figure out what we want to put up on the wall - hoping to do some creative canvas prints.

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