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Friday, March 12, 2010

Ahem.... correction...... THREE children with ear infections

Well, last night was a hard one. I got home from my last photography class last night around 8:30 to the boys running around the house in their PJs and Evie screaming in her bedroom. Found Chris (a very exhausted looking Chris) in there trying to console her - apparently she had been doing that for over an hour. She was also up a lot of the night which isn't normal for her - uncomfortable, lots of congestion, lots of crying ... and eventually having a temperature early this morning. She also was showing signs of an ear infection - tugging on her left ear, wouldn't suck on her nuk (usually that calms her back to sleep VERY quickly), and would only eat 1-2 oz out of her bottles before crying again. So ..... I made an appt for her (and me) for urgent care this morning. And after waiting 1 hour in the waiting room, and then over 30 minutes in the exam room I finally walked out to one of the nurses and asked "What the heck is going on - my husband has been driving my two year old twins around for over and hour and a half and they are getting restless... is it going to be much longer?" .... something I obviously should have done sooner as it got the doctor in right away. Not sure if they forgot about us or what.... but I think it would have been pretty hard to miss the bawling baby (Evie) in our room. Urgent Care up here really stinks.... but back to Evie. Turns out after she has a double ear infection ... that is after the doctor scraped her ears out multiple times getting out chunks of wax (man did she scream for that) .... and did an RSV test (sticking a pipe cleaner up her nostril - another thing she wasn't a fan of). Luckily no RSV... but now she is also on antibiotics.
Poor thing didn't even give me a smile until just recently.... she was just so out of sorts. For those of you that know Evie or have spent some time with her, you know she quite a content, happy, smiley little baby. This was NOT the Evie we saw last night and earlier today .... poor thing. But the good news is that she is coming around now.
Anyway - thought I would also let you know.... come back VERY soon as I am now working on getting my favorite pictures from Evie's 6 month photo shoot together. Trina (love this girl) stopped by yesterday evening on her way into town to drop off the finished CD of the images. Immediately ran down to the computer to check them out and noted my favorites. So if the boys will give me just a few more minutes of peace here (they are watching Madagascar) I will have them up momentarily. Hopefully my next post will find us all well again... and here's hoping you and your families are well.

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