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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Best Buds .... and some good news.

I'll start out with the good news. Just called Best Buy for an update on my camera (being serviced) and they have it on record that it HAS been fixed and will be shipping out in the next day. YAY. That means that next week sometime I will have my "precious" back :) Cannot WAIT to start snapping away and playing with all the things I learned in my photography class.
The main reason for this post though..... just a little story about the little doods in my life and how sweet they are. Lately bed time (including what used to be referred to as nap time) has been a bit hard. They are now skipping a nap entirely, tho I am trying to establish a routine where they at least have "quiet time" (about an hour) in their room. They are free to bring one toy in with them, and have a vast array of books .... they don't HAVE to sleep (tho it is an option) but I just keep reminding them they need to be quiet - I use Evie as the reason, that she is napping and they need to be quiet. This at least gives them some time to wind down (tho they usually don't)... but more importantly it gives me some time to give Evie some one on one time before her nap, and it also gives me time to get things done around the house or take a shower - whatever I need that day. So far they have only napped once during their quiet time - which you will see evidence of in the pictures below.
Bedtime has been a bit hard too. One would think that when they dropped their only nap of the day that they would conk out at nighttime, but that hasn't always been the case. I think they are getting their 2nd (or even 3rd or 4th) wind right about bedtime and they are just going wild prior to that. We now are going to try putting them to bed just a little earlier to try beat that 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) wind ... and also are going in every 10 minutes like clockwork to put them BACK in bed and tuck them in... as they constantly get out of bed and roam around the room. Usually they just gather all their bedding and throw it in a corner of the room and then they both just huddle in there with it all and hang out. It's sorta cute how they work together on all this... but we're usually pretty irritated that they aren't going bed, too much to really appreciate it most of the time. ...... except for the other night. As per usual it was like any other night where they were up for about an hour after we put them to bed - us walking in there every 10 minutes to put them back in bed and tuck them in. So around 9:30pm it got quiet in there and we were able to finally just relax on the couch and enjoy whatever program we were trying to watch. We finally got up to go to bed around 10:30, at which time I (like always) went to go tuck them in one last time and make sure they were covered up with their blankets.... only to find the boys snuggled up, spooning in Oscar's bed. And of course, me being the wonderful mother that I am, I turned on the light for a short stint, long enough to take some pictures to cherish that moment forever :) Just proves... no matter how much they hit, bite etc each other, no matter how much they fight... when it comes down to it, these guys really are best buds. And if you can see it in the pictures you will notice that MacKay has his PJs unzipped clear down to his waist.... and Oscar has a big drool spot on his pillow too. Additionally, last night (Fri 3/26) Jolene and the kids came over to watch the kiddos while we met some friends out for a couple hours .... and Kelly and Brandon wore those little guys out. When we put them to bed I think it took Oscar about 1 minute to totally conk out... yet MacKay wasn't quite ready, and about 10 minutes after I put them to bed I went in to check and found MacKay sitting on the floor by Oscar's bed, with a book open on Oscar's bed right next to him.... reading to Oscar hoping to wake him up so he would have someone to hang out with. They crack me up daily....
Anyway, that's all I had at this point. Enjoy the pictures.
First off... just had to share. This is the outfit I bought from Matilda Jane for Evie - hoping it will work for her 1 year pictures. I cannot wait for this to arrive in the mail so I can see it in person. We got the top shown in the first picture (Skye Knot Top), and the ruffled "Sprite" leggings in the 2nd picture, and the white "Simple" Tee shown in the 3rd picture to wear under the Skye Knot Top during cooler months.

A couple of pictures of the boys during "quiet time". The first is the ONE time they have napped recently during quiet time.... note they didn't bother to get into their beds, just passed out on the floor. And the second was taken just today, they immediately climbed in MacKay's bed together, Oscar with his fire truck and MacKay with his book.

And finally, the classic snuggling best buds pictures.

Love this comparison as the first picture is when they were 3 months old - pretty much exactly 2 years ago..... and here they are doing the exact same thing 2 years later (tho they are in opposite positions in the pictures).

Since my "precious" will be back soon (camera), I'm sure I'll have LOTS more to load up here in the next couple weeks - so come back again soon

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