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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Six Month Professional Shots.... AND TEETH

A lot has happened since my last post. Let's see..... On Wednesday we noticed that MacKay had cut his first tooth. For the few days prior we were noticing he would chomp down on the rubber spoons when we were feeding him his veggies - I don't know why I didn't think to check for teeth. But last Wednesday (5/14) I was cleaning the spoons and saw little indentation marks on the bottom of the spoon. Stuck my finger in his mouth and low and behold there was a little razor sharp tooth coming in on the bottom left. Then just a few days later on Saturday we checked Oscar cuz he was drooling more than usual and there was his first tooth, in the same place that MacKay cut his first one. AND, today we just saw Oscar's second tooth coming in right next to the other one. So now Oscar has two little teeth coming in on the bottom. So far teething hasn't been too bad..... it's worst at night when we are trying to get them down to sleep. But chilled teething toys and frozen wash cloth corners seem to be doing the trick. And we're not sure if they have developed colds again or if it is yet another symptom of teething but they are a little stuffed up with runny noses as well. Otherwise the boys are handling it very well and in pretty good spirits. I personally am bummed cuz that means my boys are just growing up too fast... not to mention I love the look of those little gummy smiles. :)
Thursday night we headed down to the cities because the boys had an appt Friday morning with Mandy Birdwell for their 6 months photos. Overall it went pretty well and we think we got some good pictures out of it. This time we even did some family photos. Only bummer was that during the outside pictures we couldn't really get a lot of smiles out of the boys as they were more interested in their first encounter with grass..... they couldn't get over how it felt on their bare little feet and were just kicking around in it. And every time Mandy would put her camera down or fiddle with different settings on it they would just beam ear to ear with smiles. Unnnnghhh. I think they are so used to Mommy sticking that camera in their face all the time that they have gotten a bit camera shy :)
So we just hung out at Grandma Chris's for the rest of the day on Friday and the boys' Uncle Dennis even stopped out to see them. He came equipped with his hair cutting tools cuz we had mentioned that MacKay is in need of a hair cut.... but we decided to give it a bit more time before we hit that milestone. Dennis was pretty amazed at the things they are doing now and how big they have gotten.
And while at Grandma Chris's the boys even tried their first Cheerios (Daddy's idea). MacKay actually got the jist of it and had about 6 of them and played around with them on his play tray. Oscar wasn't a fan of the Cheerio though. On his first attempt he spit it out quickly..... and on the second attempt he gagged so hard on it and just gave us some pretty horrible faces so we gave up on him for the time being. But so far the boys have tried Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Applesauce... and their newest is Green Beans which I was a bit worried about, but they really seem to like them and scarf them down. And they are on a great schedule where they are eating breakfast (cereal), lunch (veggies/fruit) and dinner - gotta love that. Oscar has even become such a good eater that he gives MacKay a run for his money and sometimes even finishes before MacKay.... just opening up waiting for that next spoonful. We also stopped at Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Dean's on Saturday for a few hours on our way back up to Brainerd. They had a wedding to go to so we couldn't stay long but we had a nice visit.
This coming weekend Daddy and a few other guys are going to install new soffets (sp?) and fascia (sp?) outside on our house so Grandma Chris is going to come up and help out. Maybe she'll even watch the boys for one of the nights so Mommy and Daddy can go out and socialize (something Mommy needs more than Daddy... but oh well). I should note that last week we got a new roof put on. I LOVE IT. Every time I am outside I just have to admire it. And after the work this weekend is done we're going to pick out colors to re-paint the house. We've already checked and Grandpa Gary and Terri are willing to come on down to help us paint for a couple days when we are ready to take that chore on. Our house is going to look SO different. Will post pictures when it is done.

Anyway..... I think that is about it with us. Here are some pictures......
AND... be sure to check out our photographer's blog to see some of her favorite pictures from the boys' 6 month photo shoot:

Here are some pictures of MacKay and Oscar eating for the first time in their portable Fisher Price booster chairs that they got from Nikki Bjugan and family. Thank you again Bjugan family, I love these things. So easy to use and easy to travel with - not to mention the boys actually seem to like being in them. (Note: and the little dudes are wearing one of the MANY sets of big boy PJs that Grandma Chris got for them)
Here's Oscar being fed his Applesauce lunch by Grandma Chris.
MacKay with his first Cheerios. He made some weird faces while trying to mush them up in his mouth but wanted more when he was done.
And Oscar scowling and spitting out his Cheerio. We were only successful in getting him to actually eat a half of a Cheerio after he spit out and gagged on his first two attempts. (P.S. I had a picture of him gagging on it, but thought better of posting that one - we're not THAT cruel) :)
It was such nice weather last weekend in the cities that they boys got to romp around in just their onesies. Here are some cute pictures of them sitting and smiling for the camera (btw - what is with Oscar's goofy smile? It almost looks like it hurts his cheeks to puff them out like that)

These are some cute outfits that Grandma Diane's friend Becky got for the boys. Caught Oscar in the act of either putting his arm around his brother lovingly.... or giving him a good whack on the back - can't remember.
These are the most adorable pants, and these are from Grandma Diane. They roll and tack up to be cropped and are nice and lightweight for summer. After getting these I had to go get a couple more pair in a bigger size too for later.
Just a cute picture of MacKay and Oscar interacting. They are constantly reaching out to touch or put their arms around each other. And they're wearing the cute onesie and jean short outfits they got from Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Dean for Easter.
And lastly... the video I mentioned in a previous post of MacKay laughing SO hysterically over Chris shaking a can of almonds. He did this for about 10-15 minutes.... long enough for us to get video of it and to call Grandma Chris for her to hear it. We were all in tears listening to MacKay cackle. Hope you enjoy.

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