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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sick Little Boys :( (and now 7 months old)

Our poor boys are so sick right now. MacKay isn't as sick as Oscar, but the two of them have some raging cold/sinus infection like - their noses are like faucets and they have the most god-awful barking coughs. Oscar's coughing attacks are so bad that he coughs until he gags (unfortunately I think he gets that from me cuz I have done that since I was a little girl) and if he has eaten anything recently he will throw it all up. Has made for some pretty big messes and tons of laundry. Chris and I aren't feeling so fantastic either. Infact we all had doctor appts this Monday and got put on antibiotics. Oscar actually has been to the doctor 3 times in the last 1.5 weeks. At first they told us it was just seasonal (nice... thanks for the help). And less than a week later we were back in with him cuz he was oozing green goo. At that time they put him on amoxicillin. And less than a week later we were all back into the doctor's due to our sinus infections, Oscar's incessant coughing (Link, that is SO your word), and MacKay was starting to cough. Irks me a bit that they only looked at Oscar, especially after the doctor heard MacKay cough (while sleeping in his car seat), and said "Wow - that sounds like croup". When we asked her to take a look at him she just sort of blew him off saying if he didn't get better in a few days to bring him in. Unnnghh. These doctors, I tell ya. But the good news is I think we're all on the upswing now and the boys are starting to eat better, in better spirits, and sleeping better at night. Well even though this has consumed our last few weeks.... onto other things that are new with us.
We now have new windows, a new roof, new soffets and fascia AND new gutters. YAY. Now we're just picking out paint colors so we can get that taken care of. This house is going to look like new before we're done with it. But we figure with how horrible the market is, that we might as well put money into our house than even try look for another one and try sell ours. Plus we just like the location (and the lakeshore access across 371) and with all the changes the house is really starting to grow on us.
Let's see, what else..... MacKay still just has the one tooth. Waiting for that second one to pop out any day now. And the boys LOVE having their teeth and gums brushed. Makes that tedious job much easier to do when they are smiling and enjoying it. They're almost done trying out all the new Gerber Stage 1 foods too.... we only have a few more to go (Peas - ick, and Peaches) and we get to move onto the Stage 2 mixed foods and such. They also are getting on all fours and rocking back and forth (just inches away from creeping/crawling) when they are on their tummies. Infact Oscar started showing signs the other day of getting how you need to bring a knee up to move forward - just didn't get him anywhere :)
We've got Angus all booked up at this luxury-like kennel for the week/weekend of July 4th. We can't wait to head to Grandpa Dean and Grandma Bonnie's for their traditional July 4th celebration. Pretty big deal in Annadale... and it's like 2-3 days of all day open houses. Everyone stops in. Can't wait to get the boys' little swim trunks on them and dip them in the lake... hopefully it warms up sometime before then. This weather is just awful.
Well.... here are some more pics. Sorry.... haven't taken a lot of recent ones due to the boys being under the weather. Even the shutter on my camera isn't fast enough to take a picture before all sorts of green goo slimes out of their noses. :)
These cute Addidas outfits were from Nikki Bjugan and family. I swear that girl (and family) keeps Addidas in business so I wouldn't have expected anything but this from her. They really are cute and comfy little shorts outfits.
A few weeks ago (gosh has it been that long since I last posted?) I got the boys outside on a blanket to hang out while it was nice out. Found a nice safe shady spot for them and they were SO amazed at the outside world. This also happened to be their first encounter with sippy cups. Oscar has really grasped the idea (and the handles as you can see), whereas MacKay would rather YOU hold the sippy cup for him so he can drink.

Heidi Nygren and family stopped by on their way up to their cabin on Woman Lake over Memorial Day weekend. Her son James (turned 2 in Feb) just LOVED the boys up - tons of hugs and kisses and he LOVED playing with all their toys with them. Oscar was just starting to feel under the weather at this point so he wasn't in the best spirits but I think these three are going to have some fun when MacKay and Oscar get older.
MacKay has now started in with sticking his tongue out as well. His pales in comparison to Oscar's (Oscar's tongue is monstrous) but he enjoys it just the same.
Both MacKay and Oscar love their pop up toy they got from Marcia Sharp and Bar Martin (family friends from the Osage block). They haven't quite gotten the jist of how to get them to pop up (aside from an accidental attempt) but when we pop them all up they work together to get them all back down. It's pretty funny to watch. They have so much more control over their movements now.
Love these..... some pictures of the teeth.
More to come later as always... and let's hope by next post I can claim the entire family is feeling 100% (hey, I'll settle for 70% at this point).

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mssmartypants said...

of course MY little man figured out how to hold the cup :-) they're so sweet...we miss you!