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Sunday, June 15, 2008

6 Month Professional Pictures

I'll do another post later with some updates on what is new with us... but for now I just want to share the new pictures we got of the boys from Mandy Birdwell from their 6 month photo shoot. We're pretty excited about how they turned out. Here are some of our favorites:
The outside sitting we had with the boys was so fun. They had a blast with the grass (their first encounter) and just love being outside in the breeze. I absolutely adore that picture of the boys with Chris.

Just the basic jeans and a t-shirt (onesie) look..... I love these pictures cuz they really show the boys' personality. That little impish look that MacKay gives... and concerned and sensitive little Oscar.

Naked time... the boys loved this cuz they never get too much naked time around our house (we're just not confident enough that they won't make a complete mess) :) Love those chubby tummies, legs... and of course those little butts.

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mssmartypants said...

i LOVE it!! is it wrong that i have a favorite? i suppose it's only wrong if YOU do :-)