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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We did it.... no more swaddling. (And we all survived)

Well, we did it. Last Friday night (5/2) we put the boys to bed (completely groggy after their last bottle of the day) with no swaddling. Within hours they were both on their tummies and sleeping so soundly. Oscar had a little mishap around 1am and Daddy took him out in the living room in the recliner for a while... but after that he went back to sleep for the rest of the night. And all this time I thought that once we stopped swaddling I could stop worrying and could get a decent night's sleep. WRONG. Now I worry about them on their tummies and the bumpers. MacKay insists on burying his face in the mattress (apparently he can breathe that way, but I can't stand it) and now I worry about them scooting around in their sleep - which they do a ton of - and the hazards of bumpers (suffocation etc). Unnnghh. I guess I just need to accept the fact that I will never enjoy a restful sleep free of worry for the rest of my life. :) But HEY.... we're swaddle free and the boys are EXCELLENT tummy sleepers. YAY!

We also started the boys on Squash this past weekend. They were NOT a fan of it for their first feeding. Some how Daddy was able to force feed MacKay and entire serving, but I probably only got about 6-8 good spoonfuls into Oscar who just kept spitting out whatever I did get in there. 3 days later though and they are eating it like champs and aren't giving us those hideous faces when we shovel it in. I think we'll give the poor guys a break and give them some fruit next time... something a little sweeter like Applesauce.

Buppa Gary and Terri stopped in for a few hours on Saturday too. They were pretty amazed at how big the boys had gotten...... but unfortunately MacKay was in a funk most of the visit. Probably residual from the immunization shots he had the day before. Buppa Gary even got to feed the guys. He first tried with MacKay who started getting a little too fussy to handle (something he unfortunately had also done earlier that week when his Grandpa Dean tried to feed him too) so Mommy had to step in..... but he had much success with Oscar who since the visit has come full circle with his once horrible eating habits and is now just as good of an eater as his brother. Maybe it just took Buppa Gary's magic touch. Either way.... we're now thoroughly enjoying spoon feeding the both of them.

On a bit of a bum note though.... the excellent tummy sleeping the boys are now doing all night long came with a price. On Sunday morning we went in to get them and the whole room smelled of pee. When we turned them over to pick them up they both had softball sized wet spots on their tummies and on their beds. Turns out that they are leaking out of their diapers. I did some checking with other mothers and apparently this is pretty common. We got some good ideas... one of which was to move them up a size in diapers for nighttime. We tried that and it is touch and go on that one. I'm not seeing the wetness but it still smells like it is seeping out. Another idea was to try another brand of diapers, specifically Huggies Overnights. And wouldn't you know it, our Target (note, our Target is neither a Super or a Greatland..... just plain Target. I think it is the ONLY one standing in the US) doesn't carry that particular style. So I ordered some online which won't be here until Friday so we're just going to muddle through and hope for the best until then. Hopefully those do the trick though.
Some pics related to the details above:

The boys' hideous faces after their first taste of Squash.

Buppa Gary feeding Oscar. Buppa was entertained by how messy Oscar gets during his meals. I'm bummed we forgot to snap some pictures of both Buppa Gary and Terri with the boys.... next time. We plan on seeing them around Memorial Day when they swing through town again.

Just a picture to show how Oscar likes to sit in his swing now. Apparently it is just too EASY to lie back (eh? Linker?) relax and enjoy. We constantly find him sideways in it.

Like father like son..... MacKay (our mini version of Chris) shows his undying love for the Simpsons. Daddy is so proud.

AGAIN, Daddy couldn't resist the urge to mess with MacKay's hair. Somehow MacKay got spit up in his hair, and after Daddy cleaned it off he couldn't fight the temptation to make this nice faux hawk. When he heard me coming down the hallway he just belted out "You may not want to come in here" I thought I was going to walk in on him changing a stinky or blow out diaper.... but turns out this is what the two were up to.

Here are the boys in their first pair of "big boy" PJs that they got from Kayla, an old neighborhood family friend of Mommy's. Note, MacKay is still sporting his faux hawk, being as Daddy let it dry like that and there was nothing that was going to tame that down.

Until next time.............

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