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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

YAY - Winter is Gone.... Right?

I am so excited that winter is finally gone (it IS gone right?). For the last week I have been able to get out daily for some really nice long walks with the boys (and usually Angus too). It is the highlight of my day. And the boys like it as well. They usually stay awake for the first 20 minutes just taking in the scenery... and then are lulled by the motion and fall right asleep and take a nice nap. And sometimes our neighbor friend Dee Dee is able to meet up with us with her little girl Avery (about a month old now). Nice to have someone to chat with along the way.
Saturday Chris went fishing with a coworker and Jolene and Kelly came over to help me out and visit with the boys. They even got to feed MacKay (the easier one to feed) his cereal and sweet potatoes. And as always the boys got showered and spoiled rotten with lots of hugs and kisses.
Later that day we got the boys all dressed up in their jammies and brought them to Tim and Michelle Ramerth's (another one of Chris's coworkers) who have been dying to babysit for us. They watched the boys for a few hours while Chris took me out for a very nice Mother's Day dinner at Prairie Bay. We went to pick them up only to find out that MacKay had pretty much screamed the entire time - unnnghh. Normally they are so good..... but I think the boys are starting to develop some "separation" issues. Lately they will just scream if we leave them in the living room and go into the kitchen - even though they can still see us (and we them) they get very irritated. So poor Tim and Michelle didn't have it too easy with them..... sorry guys :)
Oh - and we got our Huggies Overnight diapers (from - our Target doesn't carry them) on Friday and they work like a charm. No more leaks, no more soaked PJs and sheets... and even better yet, there isn't that overpowering smell when I walk into their room each morning either. Thank you Huggies.
Everything else is still the same. They're sitting so well, still sleeping through the night, and rolling all over the place. We get to start another food today, not sure if we're going to do pears or applesauce, but I think it is time to try some fruits.
Oscar has been doing his fish lips and is sticking his tongue out "Gene Simmons style". He's always been very aware of his tongue but now he is really sticking it out. And MacKay has developed these weird squeaks that sound like he is trying to laugh and screech at the same time. Infact, the other day we caught MacKay in an extra-special hysterical mood - he was laughing like we have NEVER heard before. We got it on video and if I can figure out how to post something like that out here ( I will do so. It is absolutely hilarious to watch.
Well as always - here are the pictures you come here to see

Here's a picture of the boys in their stroller, right after one of our walks. Had to post this so you can see the train I have to push around. This is the same stroller that my lovely friends Heidi and Monica were in stitches about when they were helping me register for baby gifts.... they couldn't get over the fact that I was going to have to push this monstrocity around. (which it really isn't that bad)
I'm totally loving "rompers". They are my new favorite style of outfit cuz you get to see those chubby legs :) Here they are in some little baseball themed ones - our little sluggers.

Pictures from Saturday with Auntie Jolene and Cousin Kelly. And below pictures of the boys in their jammies before heading off to Tim and Michelle's

Here are some pictures of Oscar's crazy fish lips and him sticking out his tongue. It really is non stop with him - he's constantly doing something with those lips and his tongue.

As always.... the outfits section.....

The boys in their first shorts outfits. They got these from Jerry & Char Doerr. Had to post this one as I hear Char just HAD to get a cute outfit for them so they could get on our blog. Well here you are guys....

I love these shirts, and the jeans of course too (their little butts look so cute in them). These were from Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Dean for Xmas. The boys finally fit in them and they are so soft.

These outfits are from my mom's cousin Rich (Uddie) & Lynda Lund. They too have a set of twins (boy/girl) and just recently adopted an adorable boy from Guatemala.

Stay tuned......there is always more to come.....

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