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Monday, December 6, 2010

We're using UTENSILS ! ! !

Our little princess has been using utensils. I forgot to include it in the last post I did ... so she's been doing it for a week or two now. She's such a good eater, but lately she's been a bit more fussy.... finally we just gave in and let her feed herself. The other weekend Chris informed me that while I was gone at a (much needed) spa appointment, that Evie fed herself her waffles that morning - he said he had to stab them with the fork for her, but that she fed them to herself and was much more content eating that way. Since them she ALWAYS wants to do it herself or with assistance ..... she especially likes the spoon and won't let us spoon feed her anything anymore. She is doing quite well at it too and doesn't make too bad of a mess (not more than we would make at least).
The boys are much the same though I have some funny stories as always. MacKay loves to be outside no matter how cold out it is. This weekend I took the kids out while Daddy was finishing up the snow blowing .... while MacKay was more into shovelling (or more like undoing a lot of what Daddy had already taken care of), Oscar was rolling all over in the snow, falling over and trying to get back up etc. At first he was getting frustrated with his limited mobility while all packaged up in his winter garb ... but eventually he was finding it humorous when he would fall over and would just roll around and revel in it. It was super cute to watch. After about 45 minutes Oscar wanted to go inside and get some water so we left MacKay and Daddy outside for a bit longer..... or at least what I thought would only be a bit longer. Oscar wanted to see the pictures I had taken of them outside so we went downstairs and downloaded them and fixed the good ones up. He specifically liked talking about one of the pictures where he was stuck in the snow and had a rather sour look on his face. His comment: "That's me... Oscar ....... I'm upset. I stuck in the snow and upset." They are SOOOO into telling their feelings now - I love it. Makes disciplining more interesting cuz we can actually TALK about how things feel, and why we shouldn't hurt others or say mean things because of how it makes others feel. So we sat downstairs for quite some time going through and fixing the pictures when it finally hit me what time it was. Shortly after that I heard MacKay and Daddy come in.... they had been out there for well over 2 hours. Chris said he tried on many occassions to get MacKay to come in and he wasn't going to have any of that.... finally MacKay said he wanted some water, and that is how Chris got him in, by telling him he had to go in to get the water... which was met by a very disappointed "Oh... Okay." from MacKay :)
Just today, Oscar was just BEAMING about a dime that he found on the floor at Cub Foods while we were shopping today. He spied it on the floor and asked me to wheel the cart over so he could pick it up. I told him to hold onto it nice and tight, not to put it in his mouth cuz it was dirty... and that when we got home he could put it in his piggy bank. He kept talking about and showing me his coin the rest of the shopping trip and the rest of the way home. It was like he found gold or something. And MAN was he excited to put it in his piggy bank when we got home.... he kept saying how it was money like Mommy and Daddy's. :) And then no more than 20 minutes later MacKay did some self disciplining. I had run downstairs to put the frozen items from our shopping trip down in our freezer and when I was finishing up putting things away I heard Oscar let out this blood curdling scream and was crying. I rushed up to find Oscar running to me saying how MacKay had hit him and was holding his head. I turned the corner to go find MacKay (who wasn't anywhere to be seen) and immediately found him sitting there on our "naughty bench." I looked at him and said "Did you hit Oscar, MacKay?" To which he replied, "Ahhh... Yep. I wait for the beeper, Mommy." The "beeper" he is referring to is our timer we use to give them their 3 minutes on the naughty bench. I had to fight a huge smile and just told him "Thank you for being honest MacKay.... you are right, you sit on the bench until the beeper goes off." And he did just that.
I'm also happy to report that I think I am done with Xmas shopping for the most part. I have a few things I am working on that I need to order online .... but other than that, we're done buying for the kids. I was really struggling with Evie... the boys were a breeze, I had so much fun buying for them especially this year cuz they can totally tell you what they want and I know what they are interested in. Not the case with Evie.... she's quite content playing with everything we already have and with the boys' stuff. She's not overly interested in dolls or anything, though she does play with them... so I was really struggling with ideas for her. I ended up giving in and getting her a doll.... it is a Little Mommy doll - Sweet as Me. And there is a line of outfits you can get for these dolls which is nice.. eventually we can get her some of those so she can dress her up. And I also came across these things called Snap n Style Friends and Fashions from Fisher Price. They have a ton of different dolls with different skin tones, hair colors, styles etc.... and then a ton of swap-able outfits that snap right onto them. I am super excited about these as I think she's really going to like these ..... they have hair she can brush (she likes brushing my hair and fixing it when I mess it up for her), and all the pieces are bigger so it's very age appropriate for her as she seems to love to cram everything she can into her mouth lately - probably related to the teething she's still going through.
Well that's about it ..... Gma Chris is coming up this week (Wed) to visit and watch the kids for us so we can go whoop it up for Chris' work Xmas party. Will be nice having her around as I've lost my voice due to whatever bug I seem to have picked up.... makes it hard taking care of kids with that as I can't raise my voice to get over theirs when I really need to.... but, like a friend of mine of Facebook said...... I'm sure Chris will appreciate it (my loss of voice). :)
The boys playing outside this past weekend

Messy messy chocolate pudding faces .... (MacKay somehow seems to keep from getting as messy as Oscar and Evie)

The kiddos with their bud Angus....

The kiddos posing in front of our Xmas tree .... it's SO impossible to get a nice picture of all three of them. Doesn't help that they are eating cookies the entire time (you can see them munching away with full mouths in the pictures .... even some chocolate on Evie's lips)

Until next time.....

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