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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The 2010 Letter to Santa

Just got done working on our 2010 Letter to Santa. I asked the boys to help me with what to put in it. They needed a little prodding with ideas on what to include ... but here's what we came up with. My only concern: a periscope?

BTW: Just as I was about to ask Oscar where on EARTH he came up with PERISCOPE, I remembered that earlier today while I was making lunch, they were watching an episode of Little Einsteins. It was called "Whale Tale" (one of their favorites we have DVR'd) and in it Rocket converts to a submarine so they can go see their friend the Baby Humpback. At some point it must have talked about looking through a periscope and that seemed to have stuck with Oscar. At least MacKay was a bit more practical with his idea of a gift Santa could bring for Daddy ..... but all I gots t' say..... Daddy's gonna be darn jealous of my periscope come Christmas.

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