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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Down..... Here Comes Xmas

Well the boys are now 13 months now and have had their first real Thanksgiving celebration (I say "real" cuz last year we didn't do anything for Tgiving). We celebrated over at the Hehir's (Chris's sister and family) and had a blast. The boys were in the BEST of moods and were so giggly and playful. Jolene had them in stitches when she offered Fruit Loops (which they love) for them to munch on.. and accidentally dropped one while trying to hand it to MacKay, which for some reason struck him as utterly hysterical. He was in a fit of laughter for the longest time over that. We also got to see some old home movies of theirs..... the hightlight when Brandon (at about 2 years old) answered his mom's question of "How much do you love me" with "THREE INCHES". Classic.
Both of our lil dudes are loving crawling on things.... especially the couch if we are sitting on it. Oscar now has also learned how to get on the coffee table (something MacKay mastered a couple weeks ago but was told "No" so many times I think we scarred him for life)... and he just watches your reaction every time. And if you say "No" and head in his direction as if to remove him he VERY quickly scoots backwards and slides off before you get to him. He knows better.... but still tries to get away with it. Even tumbling face first off of it didn't seem to deter him.
They're little eating machines too - although they are starting to get their own "tastes" and getting picky. One day they will like something new that they have tried, and then the next (and the days that follow) you can't get them to eat it. And they are smart too - they KNOW what it is before they even get it in their mouth. MacKay tried and loved real oatmeal the first few times and now he won't even try it. Same with peaches - you have to trick him (but he's getting smarter and smarter). Oscar still loves to put stuff (I should say CRAM) in his mouth.. but then after sucking all the taste out of it (ham especially) he spits it out. Oscar is also known for spitting out whatever is in his mouth when he sees you bring out something else to eat that he would rather have. Doesn't quite realize it doesn't have to be one or the other. They crack me up. They love jam sandwiches, grapes, and nilla wafers though... and KIX. Boy do they love Kix. Kuddos to Daddy for picking that up on our last grocery run. He thought they might like them and he was right. They giggle the entire time and RARELY do we ever see a Kix on the floor (like most of the other food).
Oscar is quite the little stomper around here too. He practically runs. Very sure on his feet. MacKay is getting better and is initiating walking more and more. Still crawls here and there but he's seeming to tend toward walking as a first attempt to get somewhere. Lots of giggling too. It's so nice to have my boys back and not have them feeling under the weather. They are SO much fun when they are in these good moods and playful.
Saturday we took the boys out Xmas shopping. I would venture to say we are about 90% done with our shopping now. Just a few little odds and ends we still need, and I must say it feels WONDERFUL to be done this early this year. We also noticed that the Brainerd Mall (which is pathetic to say the least) has a Santa available for pictures. The boys weren't really dressed too nice for our outing yesterday so we decided we would get them spiffed up and bring them back on Sunday instead. Was very excited to see how they did with him. Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication between Santa and the mall staff on what time he was supposed to be there today though. Everyone else (and all schedules and signs) said noon.... but he and the photographer weren't planning on being there til 1:00pm. We didn't find this out til we had already been there waiting for over 30 minutes though. Normally the kids are fed and down for naps by that time so we couldn't wait any longer. UNNNNGH. I have NO patience for things like that, so that totally ruined my day. BUT... we decided to take the boys and sit them in his GIGANTIC chair and take a few pictures since we had already made the trip. We'll have to see if we can catch Santa another time......
Well, as always....... (drum roll please).... the pictures:
First off - I just had to put this out here cuz I saw this in a Target ad the other week..... can you believe there is a book out there called Ozzie and Mack? Seriously.... what are the odds?

MacKay and Oscar love to crawl over and on top of us when we are on the ground with them..... Here they are wrestling Chris

And speaking of wrestling..... yep, they still do that a ton too. Usually MacKay attacking Oscar. Here Oscar had laid down to take a breather and MacKay pretty much pounced right on him. It's all in good fun.... tho sometimes Oscar gets a little sick of having his face rubbed into the carpet and calls for help.

MacKay LOVES pillows. If you throw one down on the ground he B-Lines it over there and just throws himself on it. Here he was just sitting there so he handed it to him and he just grabbed it and hugged it tight. So cute. And the other picture is a new "trick" the boys have learned where they fool mom into thinking they are drinking their milk... but then spit it out and let it drain right down the front of them. Unnnghh. :)

They guys are always playing with our bar chairs... pushing them around, crawling around between the legs, swivelling the seats and crashing them into the granite countertops..... so I thought we would sit them in them to see what they would do. MacKay loved the new view, Oscar was more in awe and shock.

Like I said - the boys, LOVE to crawl up on the couch if that is where we are. Here's Chris trying to juggle the two of them at the same time, and both of them peering over the back of the couch looking for me (hide n go seek is always a crowd pleaser with them).

Oscar caught in the act of crawling up on the coffee table.... at the point this picture was taken he was in the process of getting down (cuz Chris was coming after him)... tho Chris stopped halfway when he saw that Oscar was getting down, which Oscar also noticed and just hung on there like that for a while to see if Chris was really going to come get him. Man, they test us. And MacKay loves digging around in our mouths and playing with our teeth.... here he is playing a game of "speed" with Chris to see if he can avoid getting his fingers chomped.

Some Thanksgiving Pictures:
Here are MacKay and Oscar eating their Fruit Loops...... we had MacKay laughing for so long just by dropping Fruit Loops when we tried to hand them to him. (Note Oscar's hair, we tried a new "do" for him that day - somewhat of a "faux hawk"... tho his hair is too long and the faux hawk just sort of curled - still cute though)

MacKay and Oscar enjoying their first Thanksgiving sitting at the table. We even gave them some mashed potatoes and stuffing (both with gravy) and they LOVED them both.

Oscar loved playing with Jolene's make shift drums (ice cream buckets) and utensils...... but really his favorite was walking around with John's water bottle. Earlier in the night they were entertained playing with a six pack of bottled water. Again - why do we get toys? And our naked (semi) little MacKay, walking around prior to getting his jammies on and heading home.

Lastly, our picture of MacKay and Oscar with Santa...... errr... ummm, I mean.... MacKay and Oscar sitting on Santa's chair.

I'm bound and determined to get a picture with Santa..... so stay tuned.

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