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Friday, November 21, 2008

Just a simple update....

Just a simple update with some more pictures. The boys have been doing so many new things lately. Lots of "so big" and stretching their arms way up high. They love giving high 5s and saying "uh oh" every time they drop something (usually their sippy cup) and Oscar is even saying "Bye" (in just the sweetest little voice). And I should note, we have been done with bottles for a couple weeks now - YAY. Not even something I tried to wean them of... they just weren't interested anymore. They both are so very cuddly lately too, especially MacKay - tho they are becoming little Momma's Boys though. Uh oh! :) They are constantly playing with each other and doing so much mimicking of each other and of us. They swipe their hands across their high chair trays when I am cleaning them (mimicking me washing), and will cluck their tongues if we do it to them, clap, sign for milk, make similar noises..... and best of all they are dancing when they hear music. MacKay more does a "bopping" sort of motion, whereas Oscar sways back and forth, even picking his feet up as he sways. Oscar is also getting to be a GREAT walker..... he even walks backwards now and is practically running (uh oh). We're still doing lots of practice walking with MacKay who is getting better and better at it and is just so giggly and proud of himself the entire time he is doing it. He still prefers to crawl when he needs to get somewhere fast, but initiates walking on his own too. Oscar also has started the game of showing and giving things to people. He loves to hand things over and then take them back after you've had a look at them. And jus the other day we caught the CUTEST thing.... Oscar had come over to the couch and was leaning up against it and put his head down on the cushion and was just resting there... MacKay went up to him and put his arms around him and laid his head on Oscar's back. MacKay kept re-situating himself on Oscar too, but it was clear he was cuddling with him. I think these guys really are going to be buds... they very rarely fight and seem to really love each other's company. Such a wonderful thing for us to witness.
Chris was off hunting with some friends (Wadman family) for about a week in early November... he didn't get a deer for himself, but came home with a pretty amazing story. There was a new hunter in the party this year.... Ashley (12 years old). It was her first hunting experience by herself.... and on the second day she nabbed herself a deer that, as Chris stated it "He will never shoot nor even come across in his lifetime". She got herself a 13 point buck that was just enormous. Needless to say she was pretty stoked..... I feel bad though, cuz how can ANYTHING ever compare after this? :) And lucky for me, my mom (Gma Chris) came up and helped me with the kiddos during the time Chris was gone. She even helped me pack everything up and head back down to her place for the boys' 1 year pictures with Mandy Birdwell.... so she got to see first hand the chaos of packing up stuff for two infants.
Pictures didn't go so well with Mandy the other week... so I was pretty disappointed. Mandy assures me she has some good ones... but we will have to see. MacKay pretty much bawled the entire time.... just minutes into the shoot Mandy had to unroll a bit more of her white backdrop and it made a thunderous sound that freaked him out, and after that he wanted NOTHING to do with being anywhere near the backdrop or having his picture taken, or not having his mommy hold him the entire time. I know there were some very cute ones of Oscar, since he was pretty cooperative... but poor MacKay was so freaked out we just couldn't get anything of him. I'll share what we have once I see it.... but I have been working to try get some pictures myself of them (I had such cute outfits picked out, just HAVE to get some cute pictures of them in them)... and if that doesn't work we might just need to take them to Sears/BRU/JCPennys/Walmart or something like that to get some good 1 year pictures, and maybe even something cute to put on our Xmas cards this year (which will be a first for us).
We also were just down in the cities area this week for Chris's Gma (Marion)'s funeral. Gma Marion passed away last Sunday, and the funeral was just this last Thursday. We stayed at Gma Bonnie and Gpa Deans... and they watched the boys for us during the funeral (who apparently were angels - thank god). Very sad day, but was so great to see the Doerr side of the family again..... especially the newest member, Dalton. He was born Nov 5th and was a little peanut just like MacKay and Oscar (weighed right between the two of them at birth). He's so adorable and his Mommy (Noreen) looks so great and is just glowing with happiness over finally meeting the newest love of her life. We are so happy for them.
The boys have been working on getting over some illness too (Daddy as well with ear and sinus infection). But they look to be on the upswing. MacKay lately has been showing SEVERE signs of separation anxiety... something pretty typical for his age. Apparently from about 6-24 months it can come and go here and there.... unnngh. My back and arms are killing me cuz he wants to be held 24/7 - and only by me. I can't even get up and walk over to the other side of the room without him starting to throw a fit. And lately Oscar has been waking in the middle of the night and moaning/crying... but isn't really awake. Not sure if he is having bad dreams or what... poor little guy.
Well, I don't have a lot of good pictures to work with as the boys have had sniffly runny noses for quite a while now, so there wasn't much to choose from. But all the same.... some of the better ones:
The boys opening their birthday gifts from Gma Chris. A ton of Little People sets, a Animal sounds machine and a ton of Little Einstein DVDs

The boys eating chocolate pudding (they love pudding).... but note Oscar's new fettish of pulling his ears out. Big ears run in the family so we're trying to get him to stop that for fear he will stretch them out :)

Just some miscellaneous fun pictures of the boys. Gma Chris caught MacKay in a good mood and had him in stitches. Naked Oscar (just before a bath) sporting only a diaper, socks and his shoes - sexy eh? And MacKay with his newest feat..... crawling up on things (here, an otoman). Unnnghh, he does it ALL the time now ... couches, gates, coffee tables - and falling down hasn't stopped him one bit.

MacKay and Oscar in their studly striped shirts meant for their 1 year pictures (this was after the shoot). Oscar is pushing a box around Gma Chris's kitchen (why do we buy toys?) and MacKay is being naughty and repeatedly sticking his hands in the opening to the VCR player.

Lastly - my best attempt at some quasi professional 1 year pictures using just a white sheet as a back drop (and a stool I made in woodshop class in 8th grade). Out of the 200 some pictures I nabbed of them, maybe 4 were "acceptable"....not good... but acceptable. :)

Check back again later for more - Have a good and safe Thanksgiving everyone.....

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