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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eating Champs.... Walking...... First Haircut at Salon...

This morning I took MacKay to Cost Cutters for a much needed trim. He looks so handsome now, and ready for his 1 year pictures with Mandy Birdwell on Thursday. Super excited for the photo shoot and to see how they turn out..... stressed about planning for it and trying to figure out which outfits to bring along for it. MacKay did very well sitting there for his haircut though, and Oscar was a champ and sat there patiently drinking his sippy cup and flirting with the ladies who worked there. We also stopped to vote on our way home.... so got that out of the way too. Hope everyone out there is doing the same today.
Not too much is new since our last post..... but I am SO proud of the boys. They are just becoming such great little eaters. Oscar rarely ever spits stuff out anymore and tries everything (like his big brother MacKay does).... and they are eating everything we throw at them. Some new stuff they have tried recently is ham, turkey, eggs, steamed frozen peas, etc. Oscar wasn't a fan of the scrambled egg.... but MacKay kept shoveling it in. I think we can say goodbye to purees now - thank god.
And MacKay took his first stabs at walking and standing up just hours after I wrote our last post. Friday night we were just sitting in the living room with the boys... and I turned to look at the TV for 5 seconds and looked back at MacKay (who previously was standing at the coffee table by me) who was a couple feet from the coffee table and just standing there. Shortely thereafter he fell down... he doesn't make it far... but he is showing initiative though which is great. And later that night he even got up in the middle of the room and tried to stand up... as soon as he straightened out he lost his balance though and fell down - but again, he tried. He's really enjoying walking around with us now too and only needs to hold onto one of our fingers to steady himself. He smiles and cackles the entire way.... so proud of himself, as are we. And Oscar is just blazing around... getting faster and sturdier on his legs. Hard to look back at pictures of them when they could barely even sit up without folding like a taco...... and then look at them now. They change and mature so fast.
Well, as always some pictures to go along with the updates and stories....
Some autumn pictures of the boys out in the yard prior to Daddy doing his yard work. MacKay just rips off (immediately) anything we put on his head. These hats are so darn adorable and we can't even get him to wear it long enough to take a picture.


Just some new things that entertain the boys. They both love playing with this toy vaccuum cleaner that actually makes suction noises and plays tunes (which I sing in my sleep, thank you very much). And Oscar for some reason enjoys lifting heavy things and carrying them around lately. Our little He-Man. Lastly, MacKay continually tries to climb up on the coffee table now. You have to hear the little grunts he makes trying over and over again.

Our trip to Cost Cutters: MacKay sat so well in the chair, and the stylist was so gentle and quick.... was much more painless than I thought it was going to be. And Oscar waited so patiently... just drinking his juice. The last picture is an "after" shot of MacKay and his handsome debonaire new hairstyle.

Wish us luck on Thursday at our pictures - will certainly post my favorite again like I always do when I get them.

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