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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wedding Down.... Surgery Around the Corner....

A couple weekends ago we had my cousin, Shannon's, wedding up in Duluth. It was a long time to be away with the boys, but my parents and Terri were troopers and did a great job with them. Had a great time seeing people I don't get to see very often and the wedding was very nice, Shannon looked beautiful ...... and I even got to play photographer a bit (something I love doing). Kept finding little details to shoot here and there, and when Shan's photographer left early I jumped in a took a ton of pictures of the cake cutting and dances. You can see some of my favorite shots below.
I just got back from MacKay's pre-op appt for his surgery on Monday and he looks great and everything is a "go". Now just waiting for a call on Friday to tell us when the surgery will be on Monday. Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Dean are coming up to watch Oscar while we take MacKay to the surgery center. It should be interesting as we've never had them apart before, they always go with for each others appts etc. And funny enough at my MOMs group the other day (Mothers of Multiples) they were talking about just that..... taking one with you and leaving the other behind here and there so they get some time away from the other and one on one with mommy or daddy. I guess we're being forced to do that.....
We also just booked a weekend for Chris and I to go down to the twin cities and celebrate our 3 year anniversary. We're staying at a luxury hotel and planning on doing some shopping and fine dining (which includes a good consumption of wine as well). This will be my first time away from the boys - for TWO NIGHTS. YIKES. Grandma Chris is going to watch them and is excited about it (does she know what she's getting herself into?). Chris keeps saying that maybe we should bring one of their monitors along with us that weekend cuz he's SURE I can't sleep with out the loud hum of that during the night - what a smart alek. And a couple weekends after that we have visitors coming up for the weekend - the Wadman's and Matt Johnson and his new fiancee Jill who we absolutely love and think is PERFECT for Matt. Can't wait for that wedding - man, I should start looking into a sitter now for that :)
What else...... let's see. Shortly before we went up to Grandpa Gary and Terri's place in Duluth, MacKay started walking with his little push toy. So now we have two boys fighting over that cuz they both love to walk around with that. And he is SO fast when he crawls - it's like lightening speed. We knew that was going to happen too cuz he is just a ball of energy. Oscar has recently enjoyed a game where you stand him up and get him balanced and let him stand on his own.... and now is starting to take a few steps forward to you before plunging into you. He's so proud of himself and I think we could have a walker sometime soon here - definitely before he turns one. They both love giving people high 5s, feeding Angus (throwing finger foods on the floor or putting their hands over the side of their high chairs and letting Angus lick them), biting (better curb that one), and both are real snugglers - even MacKay has come around and become a real teddy bear. And I just noticed today that MacKay's right lateral incisor (the 2nd tooth out) on the top has broken through - so now he has 5 teeth (Oscar still has his 6). Real vocal fellas too - playing with sounds and volume..... our house is just plain noisy.
Well as always - a ton of pictures for ya.
The boys up at Grandpa Gary and Terri's in their new outfits from Grandma Chris. The boys had fun with all the toys we brought up for them to play with for about the first hour.... then had more fun with Grandpa's spatulas, magazines (they had a whole crate there for them), and rugs. I refuse to buy them another toy :)

Pictures of Shannon at her wedding - just some of my favorites. (Note: the man she is with wearing the maroon tie/vest is her dad, my uncle Denny. You should have SEEN him on the dance floor - the man can move like he has no joints.)

The boys at the reception. They were wearing the new shirts that Grandpa Dean and Grandma Bonnie got for them recently. Super studly. One is of Dennis and Oscar - yes Oscar is playing with a plastic beer cup. :) They weren't there long, just long enough to be fed their dinner and of course for MacKay to shriek constantly through the dinner - so loud that we at the head table could hear it. That's my son....

Pictures of the boys with their new BARRIERS (gates). We now can keep them in the living room... and with the hexagon shaped one we have a place to put them while we have dinner so we don't have them (and Angus) right in our faces while we try to eat. Dinners are so much more enjoyable now :)

I LOVE these shirts and they are ALMOST to the point where they are too big for them so I am getting as much wear out of them as I can. There is something about those little striped arms that is just so adorable to me. They were Xmas gifts from Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Dean.... are 12 months sized (they are currently wearing 18 months) but for some reason they still fit. And of course they are yet again playing with our cordless phone again.

Some miscellaneous pictures. First two are Oscar - playing with his stackable bowls (they really like those) and frustrated cuz he was walking with his push toy and ran into the wall and couldn't go any further. Third, MacKay and his best buddy (other than Oscar), Angus. He LOVES Angus and is constantly following him around, pulling on his ears, playing with his tags, etc. Which leads us to the next picture where he is demonstrating his new found skill of opening up the latches on Angus's kennel. I had put Angus in there for a time out and next thing I know Angus is out - little MacKay has learned how to unlatch the locks. Smart little guy. And lastly, just a picture from the other night where MacKay learned how to lift his big bouncy ball above his head. Smart AND Strong.

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