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Friday, September 26, 2008

Poor MacKay.... Surgery Monday Morning @ 7:30

Well we just found out the details for MacKay's "procedure" on Monday. We need to have him there by 6:45am and the surgery starts at 7:30am. One of us can go into the operating room (all scrubbed up) if we want to be with him for a while before he is put under. And the procedure is...... well.... I'm a bit unsure of that. The Surgery Center person told us it is 1 1/2 hours..... WHAT? We were told it was at most 5 minutes he would be under. Also told us that after post op we can see him and to expect that he will be screaming for an hour - not cuz of pain, but cuz they don't like the feeling of "coming out", apparently it feels like they drank a 12 pack of beer and they get confused and all out of sorts. Apparently this is normal... but unnnghh. I haven't stopped crying since the call.... I so don't want to do this anymore.
But anyway, I called the urologist to talk about this discrepancy between the 5 minutes we were told about and the 1 1/2 hours we are hearing about now, and the nurse told me that we were misinformed by the Surgery Center, that it will probably be like 10 minutes. So who the heck do you believe now? Either way, this isn't something I want to go through with anymore. This is going to be sheer chaos. So please think of us Monday morning and send us some positive thoughts/vibes/prayers... whatever you are in to.
On a positive note, some cute pictures I snapped right in a row of the boys the other day in their adorable little striped long sleeve shirts and jeans. There is just something about little boys in jeans that is so adorable. Maybe it is the way the butt looks (sorta saggy yet puffy) or the way they are too long and get wrapped around their feet. But again, as always, playing with our cordless phone - which by the way, I have been missing a ton of calls cuz they keep turning the ringer off when they are playing with it. Not sure if at the end MacKay is leaning in to get a better look at the phone since Oscar has it, or to bite Oscar.... either way, sorta cute how they are all snuggled in.

Wish us luck on Monday. Will fill you in how it went next week.....

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