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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Surgery Yesterday..... 11 months Today..... and Anniversary Tomorrow.....

Well - everything went VERY well yesterday for MacKay's surgery. He was a little trooper through it all. I even went back with him to the OR until he was asleep (from the oxygen mask - they put the IV in after I left) and he was a real champ. The surgery did, infact, take over an hour - unnnnghh. So the Surgery Center was right and the urology nurse (who told us 5-10 minutes) was not. But it all went well. He didn't even cry like they told us he would. He was a little cranky here and there, but got some giggles and smiles out of him too. We are SO proud of him.
Yesterday he only seemed in pain a few times, and those time were quite obvious as he would just squeal. Usually if something was pushing on his sore area like when he was in his high chair or sitting a certain way, or just when he needed a diaper change. So far it looks good too - he's got a lot of bruising and swelling..... but we're anxious for it all to clear up and go back to normal diapering again (got to be SO careful now). And he slept through the night so well last night too - which I was a bit worried about cuz he didn't nap well earlier in the day and ended up napping on me in the recliner. He was just DRENCHING wet, I think working out all the anesthesia. I woke him up a couple times to give him Motrin/Tylenol but he went right back to bed each time.
Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Dean came up early Monday morning (they were troopers too) to watch Oscar while we were at the doctor's. Apparently we had nothing to worry about with him too, cuz he didn't seem phased at all that his brother and parents weren't there when he woke up. But he was in good hands, so really no cause for worry anyway. Gma and Gpa said they had a blast with him.
AND - Today they are ELEVEN MONTHS. One more month to go until their first birthday. Can you believe it? I can't. Time has just flown... but then again I feel like this has been my life forever and cannot remember my life before them. We've decided to just do something very low key with the boys for their birthday, just the four of us. And next year, when they are older and can partake in the activities, we'll do it up big at a water park or something. But this year..... just all about messing up their faces with cake and frosting in a low key way.
Tomorrow...... is our 3 year Anniversary. Yep - 3 years ago tomorrow Chris and I got married and it was 80+ degrees out. Hard to imagine in MN eh? That seems like forever ago. And this weekend Grandma Chris is watching the boys while we hit Minneapolis for the weekend. We have reservations at The Capital Grille on Saturday night, but also want to hit a sushi joint, have heard that Fogo de Chao is excellent (may hit that for lunch), maybe do some shopping at the MOA, and drink some good wine. Very excited for my first weekend away from the boys to see if I can survive...... if it goes well I may need to book our Vegas trip for this Spring before I chicken out :)
Not much new with the boys.... they are both standing on their own for long periods (when we prop them up), and Oscar is walking to us from about 3-4 feet away. MacKay has started making motorboat sounds by pulling on his bottom lip and humming (been teaching him that one for a while) and are mimicking me when I say "Uh-OH!". They also are starting to wrestle. Well.... I should say that MacKay is taking Oscar down. It usually starts with MacKay becoming interested in the diaper sticking out of the back of Oscar's pants and trying to pull on it (wedgie? - oh he better not become one of those kids) and when Oscar tries to get away from him he just hangs on tight and wrestles him continuously to the ground. The three of us just laugh the entire time until it comes to the point where Oscar gets sick of being beat up, then we break it up. But it is so hilarious to watch cuz they are both having such a fun time. Check out the pictures below of them, I tried to catch them in the act.
The boys wrestling last Saturday. MacKay pretty much had Oscar pinned the entire time. I love these shirts that look like Tshirts over long sleeved shirts. So adorable

Some pictures taken today of them playing WWF again. They actually sat still for a picture sitting next to each other when they were taking a breather - I can't remember the last time I was able to get a shot of the both of them smiling and sitting right next to each other - they are just too mobile now. But poor Oscar is just getting worked over in all of these. I think maybe he knows that he's bigger and doesn't want to hurt his little brother.... the gentle giant.

And lastly just to make up for all the pictures of Oscar getting beat up, some cute ones of him. First is right before bath time, and the other is a picture of Oscar frustrated cuz he crawled over/into the bottom of one of our bar chairs and couldn't figure out how to get out.

More to come later... probably after our weekend getaway. Hope everyone is doing well

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