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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pictures: July 4th 2011 in Annandale [and Monticello]

Evie swinging on Gma & Gpa's tree swing.  [Note:  Wearing her new Matilda Jane halter top which fits more like a halter DRESS]

My kids can't get enough of "Sugar Foot", Gma and Gpa's horsie tire swing.

Some fishing for sunnies off of the dock

Silly Oscar couldn't get enough of the kool-aid cooler drinks that Gma Bonnie had amassed in the fridge .... ended up turning his tongue blue

Daddy trying to show Oscar the ropes for riding a bike [Note: beer in hand, wouldn't want to put that down for a second].  And Oscar did quite well on the bike ... and since has become a pro.

More fishing .. MacKay just itching to get that sunnie off the hook and in his hands, and Oscar digging in the bowl for more wax worms

MacKay ... oh how he loved jumping off the dock and thrashing around. I love that I was able to catch that image of what he looked like when he surfaced every time - gasping and tryign to slap away at the beads of water on his face.

Meanwhile Oscar was more content doing some fishing with his cousin, Jack, who caught a pretty big pumpkin seed sunnie

Evie sitting with Gma Bonnie and having some trail mix after a nice nap

Oooohhhhh... naughty Oscar.  This is how Oscar apparently amused himself while I was getting showered up.  Tattoo'd his legs and face with a ball point pen... not to mention made some horrible designs in Gpa Dean's recliner.  Unnnnghhhh.

Celebrating an early 4th with the Doerrs in Monticello
Evie was like an eating machine that weekend... here she's even mooching off of Cortney's plate

Again MacKay can't get enough of the lake and jumping off the dock

Evie going for her first ride on a jet ski ... I don't even know if she could see over the steering console.

Going for a ride on Rick's pontoon
Evie chillin' with Daddy while MacKay and Oscar get their chance to drive the boat.... in circles 

Silly Evie.  I don't know what she was trying to do here but she kept lying back on the seats and sticking her legs up in the air and making goofy noises.  She's a trip.

4th of July Parade in Annandale
The kiddos cousins:  Taylor, Sophia, Jack and Stella

The traditional family photo

.... and then a more nontraditional photo ....

The boys covering their ears when the Veterans marched by and fired their guns

Evie chillin' with one of her many "man-ich"es (sandwich) she consumed during the parade.  It was like her stomach was an empty pit.

The kids standing on the curb waiting for the truck that was spraying water...

Evie pointing out the big tractors in the parade - she was quite impressed [Note: "man-ich" in hand...]

More swimming back at Gma and Gpa's .......
Oscar finally getting up the courage to jump off the dock by himself, and really enjoying just swimming/floating around in the water.

Oscar and MacKay got a kick out of having a water war with their cousin Jack... both out of the water and in.

Evie donning some patriotic colors after a nice long (and much needed) nap.

Mommy and Evie taking a dip in the lake

Cousin Sophia being SO good with Evie and keeping her entertained in the water by having her pour water over her head

Evie being silly and stingy with her train mix

The boys getting some fishing tips from their second cousin Brian James

Just some crazy pictures I snapped of the fireworks ... I was playing with the settings on my camera so don't even bother asking me what my aperture or shutter speed was, or how I got some of these... cuz I don't know.  :)

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