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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pictures: Island Lake Duluth July 2011

Evie and Gma Terri sitting on shore watching the boys swimming.... the boys practicing their back floats.

My boys ... and Oscar thrashing around while trying to back float

Daddy and MacKay getting rides from Angus.... and Oscar getting a ride on Daddy

Oscar and MacKay getting tossed in the lake by Daddy

The whole gang...

Evie and Oscar getting into the leeches..... yeeeacchh!

MacKay getting a kick out of the pole holders... but wanting to hold his pole by himself, and Oscar getting some pointers from Gpa Gary.

MacKay's first Walleye - just under 16" (7/6/2011)

Oscar and Evie checking out MacKay's catch... a pretty proud MacKay

Yet 2 more of MacKay's catches that night - all around 15 - 16"

More fun in the lake.... Oscar swimming and Angus anxiously awaiting his Master's (Chris's) return from out kayaking.

Daddy taking MacKay and Oscar out on the kayak and letting them paddle (or row as they called it)

Oscar and MacKay vegging out to some Sponge Bob after an eventful day at the lake.

Evie adamently carrying down her own chair to the lake (SEWF.... SEWF!!)

Gpa Gary and Daddy taking the boys for a little boat ride

Evie reluctantly going into the lake... not a big fan.

MacKay proudly eating his Walleye that Gpa Gary and Gma Terri prepared.

MORE FISHING!  Yet another successful night - 3 fish that night
Oscar's first Walleye - 16" [I love that I caught MacKay in this picture, look how excited and proud he is for his brother]  (7/8/2011)

Oscar and MacKay watching Gpa Gary fillet their prized Walleye.

Gma and Gpa and Grandchildren - a fun visit.

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