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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Potty Training Chart(s) ..... and I'm addicted to Matilda Jane

Well I thought I should document as well as share this milestone.... we have finished the boys' first potty charts. I ran out of monkey stickers for their tree ... but for the most part, we were really running out of room on them anyway. They really seem to like the sticker part of it, otherwise I would just drop the whole idea as its intent was just to motivate them and stir their interest in going, and continuing to "go"in the potty. So I made some new ones and took the old ones down and wrote some detailed stats (first poo, first pee, when started underwear etc) on the backs of them and was getting ready to file them away with all their other stuff .... but decided to first capture a photo of the end result to share. The new charts have a big flower on them, and some grass .... and the stickers they have are insect/bug related. They've already got a few stickers on them and seem excited to cover the entire thing like they did their last chart. If they are still interested in the sticker chart I think we might move to having a sticker chart for staying dry all day vs for every time they go.... or might even start a "My Duties" around the house sort of chart and get them more interested in helping me out and taking more responsibility for themselves in the process.
I also have to share..... the new "House of Clouds" line from Matilda Jane is now available to peruse online and I am in love. I want almost all of it and wish money was not a concern. Although, I did purchase one outfit already, for fear that it would sell out before my Trunk Show next week. This was an outfit that caught my eye from the moment I saw some of the pictures they were leaking out on the blog and such .... I will now have to wait until my show (and see what sells out in the process) and purchase my other favorites, once I see what I can get at reduced cost based off of what gets sold at the Trunk Show. I can already say.... it won't be enough cuz I want it all. I figure if the outfit I already bought doesn't sell out by the time of my show I can always buy another at reduced cost and sell the other on ebay once it does sell out and make some mula for myself. But the number of items I can buy at reduced cost will be limited (based on sales) and I might need to save that up for the OTHER stuff I want. Mmuuaaahhh Haa Haa!
Also wanted to share.... little Evie just yesterday started in with three more new words. Doo Doo (Tutu), Uck (Yuck) and Deh-DOH (Hello). She is addicted to her doo doo's (tutus) which are now hanging from the edges of her bureau mirror... which just beckon out to her every time she's getting a diaper change, and she will throw a fit if I don't put one on her. I have always thought she was going to be tough as nails (which I still claim will be the case) and a bit of a Tom-Boy with her two older brothers to pave the way for her.... but I now am certain she will be girly as well. She SO enjoys the frilly and girly stuff.. the minute she gets on a skirt/dress or her tutus she gets on her tip toes and prances around and twirls and plays with the skirt... swishing it around and feeling quite pretty. So I guess it isn't shocking that one of her many words right now ended up being Doo Doo (Tutu). And whenever she is being unruly during a diaper change (wrenching her back, twisting around, crabbing etc) all I have to do is make a big stink (no pun intended) and tell her "Ish.... PEEE-YEW... Stinky!" and she erupts into laughter and is quite entertained at my expense. So now she is saying "Uck" (Yuck) to mimic what I am saying quite often during her diaper changes. Even if I don't say Yuck... instead say Ish or P.U. etc, she still retorts with an "Uck!" And lastly.... Deh-DOH! (Hello). She's so good at Hi and Bub-Bye/Bye... but now she's kicked it up a notch and can say Hello back to us. She even was saying it as we were walking into the ECFE building today at others passing by ... and to her caregivers in the sibling care room. She's such a little flirt and Chatty Kathy... even with her limited vocabulary.
Well that is it for now..... I only intended for this to be a short little post and it's already become longer than it needed to. But here are the pictures of the boys' potty charts (finished and new)... and the adorable outfit (Brittney Ballet & Jillian Big Ruffles) that I just HAD to buy now from Matilda Jane.

Come back again soon.... it seems I am on a blogging spree lately.

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