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Thursday, January 15, 2009

MacKay and Oscar's 1 Year Photos

We just got the CD of the boys' 1 year photo shoot with Mandy Birdwell. For those that weren't aware (previous post) we had the boys' 1 year pictures taken in early November after a few rescheduling bouts due to their colds and weather. Unfortunately it wasn't a huge success..... Oscar cooperated and we got some nice shots of him, but poor MacKay got freaked out within about 5 minutes of arriving and couldn't be calmed down from that point on. Mandy attempted to move her backdrop (roll of heavy white paper) and it made this thunderous noise when she did that and it freaked MacKay out something fierce and he wouldn't stop screaming and crying. Even when I would calm him down, I couldn't bring him ANYWHERE near that backdrop without him throwing a huge fit again. So not a lot of pictures to choose from..... and literally only about 7 of MacKay total (tho about 3-4 of them are him crying). Luckilly Mandy had caught a few shots prior to that (one actually of him smiling)... so not all was lost. But I was so disappointed that this huge milestone (1 year) was such a failure..... maybe when the weather gets better we'll get them out and get some more professional shots of them together and some family shots. Chris wasn't able to be at this photo shoot due to it being during the work week, so no pictures of him (and I only got one picture of the boys and me together).... or maybe we'll wait til Hoglund Baby #3 arrives and have some nice pictures of MacKay and Oscar with their new sister/brother. :)
Anyway, picked through the lot of them and put out some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy.
I found the one of Oscar humorous cuz he is making the number "1" with his fingers - so not intentional, but very appropriate....

Just a few good ones...

And a few smiles and silly ones....

Had to include a couple with Susie's hats ( - Oscar only since MacKay was in tears at this point. Note: The paper boy hat went with an outfit we got from my Aunt Sandy and Uncle Denny MacKay.

And lastly - the picture of me and the boys (black and white only).

Hopefully next time we try this we will have better luck..... see you back here again soon I hope.

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