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Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 in Review

I saw another blogger do this so I thought I would give it a try. Sort of nice now that we are starting out 2009 to look back to 2008 and see how much has changed, especially with the boys. They just grew up WAY too fast and I am so thankful for all the wonderful pictures we captured to look back on (tho I think my husband and many others think there are way too many - I go a little overboard) :) Anyway - I hope you enjoy as I loved looking through all the pictures and had the darndest time picking which ones made the cut....

First smiles and Tye-Dyed shirts from my good friend Susie Commers.

Classic boppy shots and cute wooly coats from my friends Link and Chelte

Naked MacKay and Oscar on boppy pillows, and a couple of my favorite pictures of the two of them, back when their faces were still so chubby

First solid food feeding, and one of the cutest outfits they ever wore - love the hats.

A couple goofy smiley faces (the Adidas outfits from my good friend Nikki), and some classic pictures of them sitting together....something I haven't been able to do for a long time now

Fun outside, and cuddling up on a chair together

Lounging in a hammock, and sour faces from their first pickle. Lastly, the classic July 4th picture

Fun in their tree swing, and MacKay and Oscar's favorite buddy (besides each other), Angus

Classic wrestling pictures, and the boys playing at Grandpa Gary's house in their outfits from Grandma Chris

Their birthday month - Oct 30th. Getting better at walking (Oscar on his own, and MacKay with his push toy). 1st birthday cupcake chaos pictures. And lastly, two pictures of love of the boys cuz they so accurately dipict their personalities.

Autumn fun in the leaves, my best attempt at "professional looking photos" after the boys' 1 year session bombed, and the boys sitting in Santa's gigantic chair (sans Santa cuz that is just our luck) :)

MacKay walking & Oscar in his first real "tub" bath. Our first encounter with (a 16 year old) Santa... and the boys' first romp in the snow.

THE END (finally.... I know) :)


Team Darnell said...

I love it! The boys have come so far in the year! You have some really great photos of them individually and together!

Take care,
Kellie (wte)

Dani Barthel said...

I DO NOT mind all the pictures since I only get to see them in person a few times a year... so tell my brother to deal with it!!! :p
Love you all!!!