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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Day of "School" 2011

Well, from what I could see, and from what I was told.... the kids did fantastic and had a blast at "school" yesterday.  The boys woke up a little groggy (as did Evie) and were stumbling around trying to get dressed and ready... but the whole time talking about going to meet new friends at their new school.  Chris helped me get them ready and saw us off and away we went... talking about how they needed to listen to their teachers, reminding them about  the nap time (how they at least needed to lie there and be quiet if they didn't want to sleep etc).  When I dropped them off they did so well.  The boys put their stuff in their cubbies and headed into the main area to play until more people arrived, and I got Evie's stuff put away (her diapers, wipes, extra set of clothes) and jacket hung up in her cubbie and joined the boys in the play area.  I had to laugh because as they moved the divider to let Evie into the area she totally reminded me of that old man character that Tim Conway used to play.... basically the way he walked, those tiny little steps.  She took the tiniest steps and was so slow and cautious, just taking it all in.  It was like she wasn't sure she should be going in there.  The poor lady stood there waiting for what seemed like forever to finally close the divider.  She just sorta stood in one place and looked around.... meanwhile the boys had already dug into the bin of legos and were building towers.  I talked with the director about some of my concerns that I thought they should know about .... them not being able to really wipe themselves quite yet for #2s, and how they are fine with going potty, but that they might have some issues with #2s as they've never really had to do the "tuck" thing at home cuz we have that toilet seat topper with the big "guard" on it.  Just basically to  keep an eye on it and be aware that they might need some more coaching on how to do that in public without their toilet seat they usually use.  I said my good-byes ... MacKay did the classic little boy move and acted like he was mortified I wanted to show some affection to him in public, and Evie still was in shock and not moving from her little spot in the room.  Oscar just giggled and said "Love you too" as I walked out the door.  I drove away thinking that Evie was surely crying by this point but knew it would be short lived.
I called there later in the afternoon to find out how they were doing and if they had taken naps and the director just told me that it was a good sign that she hadn't heard anything... no news it good news.  And that things were quiet at nap time so she thinks they all must have slept and done just fine.  She said they, too, were worried about Evie when I left... but that about 5 minutes after I had gone she was digging into things and playing.
Chris picked them up on his way home from work and was told that we had some very polite little boys (as they told me this morning as well), that they slept and ate well and just had an overall excellent first day.  When he got to Evie, she was outside playing on the play set.  He said she acknowledged he was there but it didn't interrupt her play and when he asked her if she wanted to go home she frankly said "No!"  She had apparently had a very good day as well, no crying or meltdowns of any kind.  When we asked her if she liked her teacher ("Bed-der" - Heather) she said "She's NICE."  Even this morning the boys' preschool teacher (Vicki) said that they were (again) so very polite and that she would have never guessed that they hadn't been going to day care this entire time.  I was so glad to hear that they were doing well... and happy to see that they WANTED to go back today.  Gma Chris is going to be picking them up from school today on her way into town and will get them for the rest of the week.... and that will be our schedule for the next couple/few months until we up them to 3 days a week at school so my mom only has to take them 2 days a week.  The ultimate plan being to at least put the boys in full time by next fall to get them ready for Kindergarten and we'll see what we want to do with Evie at that point.
Here are some pictures we took of them before leaving the house for their first day of school.  At first Evie wasn't cooperating with having her picture taken and was a bit emotional.... but then she turned it around and was all smiles.  Also scanned in copies of the boys' daily report for the day.

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