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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our finished project .... play area

A very short post.... SERIOUSLY. Just wanted to share that we are FINALLY done with our "play area" project for the kids. Chris pulled it off and finished the sandbox frame for the kids yesterday evening 6' x 8' with a seating plank all around), and the crew was here bright and early this morning to help install the sandbox frame, dig out the pit, & put down the porous liner, pea rock and sand. The boys and Evie were pretty interested in watching the men work out there and can't wait to get out there and "walk in the rocks" like the boys are currently saying. As soon as Evie wakes up from her nap and the boys are done watching their DVR'd show (Jake and the Neverland Pirates, of course) we'll head back out there and let them have at it and see if we can get them to comprehend the concept that the sand stays in the sandbox and the pea rock stays in the swing set area. (Expectations are low). And I guess I shouldn't say this is entirely finished as we would have liked to have stained the sand box frame, but due to us using treated wood we need to wait a year for it to dry out fully. And I guess we still need to get the "pest" fogger/sprayer to help with the mosquito and tick problems. But still.... close enough.

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