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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Round FOUR on Potty Charts

Just a quick post to share some news and a few pictures. The main piece of information to share is that MacKay and Oscar have now finished off their THIRD set of sticker potty charts. This last one was by far their favorite .... an underwater theme. They still talk a lot about Underwater World and wanting to go back, so I knew this one would be a hit. I had gone to the dollar store and bought a ton of fun fish related stickers just a few weeks back .... and here they are, already done with yet another chart and moving onto another. This one almost lasted 2 weeks - just short by one day. They loved telling me how the star fish and clams needed to be at the bottom in the sand and on the rocks .... and that the sea horses need to be "stuck" to the plants (referring to the way they wrap their tails around underwater foliage) .... and MacKay was even particular about where he put his clown fish (which there were many of) as he said they needed to be in a sea anemone - which he pretended the plants I put on their chart were. Oscar was more into picking out stickers that would match so that he could make "families" of fish. He would put a sticker up on his chart and say "He needs to go here .... by his [relationship]..." (mommy, daddy, brother... etc). I had originally intended on slowing down the pace of blowing through these charts by only doling out stickers for poops, being accident free all day and for waking up dry ... but they loved this one so much I just couldn't do that to them.
So their new charts are vehicle related. I made a chart with dirt mounds and roads and some air space ... and the stickers are: construction vehicles, rescue vehicles, cars, trucks, garbage trucks, cement mixers, busses, traffic signs, helicopters, airplanes, rockets, etc. I figure I'll let them use the next few days to continue with their current reward system (1 sticker each for pee/poop... 1 sticker for being accident free ... and 1 sticker for being dry in the morning).... but then after the first few days of excitement about the new chart I'm going to move to what I had originally planned for the last chart to slow things down a bit as I'm running out of stickers and ideas for more charts. I think next we'll make a night-scape ... blue background with some black shadows of some pine trees and maybe a moon up in the corner. And I'll get some sparkly star stickers so they can decorate up the night sky. And I have the stickers to do an apple tree .. but I fear they will find that boring after all these fun vehicle, fish etc charts we've been doing.
Other than all this... it's been pretty uneventful. We have a fun week coming up though. Monday night the boys have their first ever swimming lessons. Gma Chris is going to come up and visit sometime mid week. Thursday night I have my Sushi class being given by Matt Annand from Prairie Bay restaurant. Then Friday morning we take the kiddos to that Antiquities photo shoot (old tyme photos), and Friday night Gma Chris and I take the boys out on a date to the Spider Ball. REALLY looking forward to that and hoping the boys have a good time there.
Well that ended up being WAY longer than I intended..... so I'll stop now and share some photos.
Some pictures of the kiddos playing in a fort I made for them the other day. All in all it lasted not more than about 6 minutes .... but they loved it for those 6 whole minutes.

MacKay and Oscar's 3rd set of potty charts

MacKay and Oscar's NEW set of potty charts (4th set)

Come back again soon as I'm sure I'll have some pictures (maybe even video) to share of the boys at their first ever swimming lesson .....

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