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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halloween Dinosaurs....

Thought I would quickly post this... mainly cuz I am so excited to see my boys dressed up for Halloween this year. I just purchased their costumes... see the picture below. MacKay and Oscar both said they wanted to be dinosaurs for Halloween (tho I am pretty sure they had NO idea what they were even agreeing to or deciding on when we had this conversation) .... so I found a few online and these are the ones they chose. Oscar was VERY clear he wanted to be Triceratops .... and MacKay was 90% sure he wanted to be T-Rex. I say 90% cuz on one occasion he did point at this red Velociraptor costume I had also found... but when it came down to it he wanted to be "T-Rex" (always said with a big roar and very low voice). I can't wait to get these in the mail and show them to them.
I think we will call them: MAC-asaurus Rex .... and.... OSCARE-atops
BTW ..... Evie is going as a ladybug. :)

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