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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Whole New Level of Chaos.... Evie is starting to WALK

Yup.... our little girl, just shy of 11 months, is beginning to walk. Just last weekend my mom said she witnessed her take 2 self initiated steps - while holding onto a toy, which she probably thought was holding her up. And just last night Chris was working with her and she took anywhere from 2-4 steps walking back and forth between the two of us. Now I'm not gonna say they are the sturdiest of steps, and she definitely tends to lean forward and fall into us... but she is definitely taking those steps by herself. Not to mention she is scaling everything in the house, pulling herself up and walking around everything as proud as can be with herself. She definitely prefers to be on her feet... tho if she needs to get somewhere fast (ie, when Daddy comes home she crawls at light speed to get to him) she goes straight for crawling. So I guess we will see how long it takes her to finally take those self initiated steps toward something. Wow, didn't see this coming as I thought she was a little further off than this. She also crawled up our entire flight of stairs in the basement this morning... even skipping using her knees and going straight for using her feet on the stairs. And she finally got that 6th tooth we have been waiting for - her upper right lateral incisor is finally in, which I am hoping means we get a break from teething for a while. Not that teething for her was bad, she was a trooper.... but she got horrible diaper rash at times. I thoroughly enjoy that she isn't a major drooler like the boys were though. Boy, with those two they had to wear bibs during all waking hours and had to be changed out every couple hours as they would be drenched with drool, especially Oscar. And yet another new thing .... Evie is now sleeping with a blanket. This was more a milestone for me than for her, as the only reason she wasn't sleeping with one before is cuz I am completely paranoid about that sort of stuff and wanted to be absolutely sure she wouldn't wrap it around her head like MacKay did that one time - I swear my heart stopped when I found him like that. But she does quite well with it just rolling back and forth... but I think sleeping a little more soundly with the chill our house sometimes has from the A/C running. Lately she loves playing the "give and take" game with us. Holds out a toy to give to us, and is proud when we take it... but then quickly wants it back. She's gonna be 11 months soon .... and we'll be celebrating her birthday down at Gma Chris's the weekend before (we'll be down taking the boys to a Day Out With Thomas on that Saturday)... and on her real birthday as Gpa Gary (who also shares August 3rd as his birthday) and Gma Terri will be visiting then. Nothing big, just the usual cake/cupcake for her to smear in her face. :) And then we have her 1 year pictures (and family session) planned for later in August. Thinking she'll probably be walking by then so we should get some good pictures out of that. Cannot believe my little princess is turning one soon. Time goes by so quickly ... most of the time :)
The boys are the same.... though they have been doing some rather hilarious things lately. They now get the concept of titles like Mommy, Daddy, Sister and Brother... not to mention they get the concept of names as well. They like to repeatedly show their intelligence and state that I am their Mommy.... that I am Jill. Daddy is Christopher (or Chris) ... and they know that they are each other's brothers and that Evie is their sister. They tell us they love us ... sometimes not even as an answer back to us saying it - which I SOOOO appreciate and love to hear. And they really enjoy going for our nightly walks after dinner - especially now that we let them walk the last 1/4 of our block back home. They do pretty well at staying on the side of the road, and seem to get the danger of cars as they stop dead in their tracks when they see a car coming. They LOVE our sprinkling system and find utter humor in sticking their hands in the stream. Poor Oscar didn't get the fact that they oscillate and got pummeled with a stream of VERY cold water the other night - his first reaction was to stick out his bottom lip and cry... but within seconds he was laughing about the fact that he was all wet. I love that I can have some pretty good conversations with them about things ... they seem to really like to talk as they are quite chatty lately. I should also mention, we successfully (sorta) cut the boys hair ourselves recently. We used Chris's clippers.... and there was just a little bit of crying but all in all it went pretty well. It got a little shorter than I would have liked as I think we need to get some more attachments (longer ones) for future cuts... but nice to know we don't have to go out and pay for it anymore - especially with how quickly MacKay's hair grows. Only bad thing I have to report is that I think we have hit yet another one of those phases where they are impossible to take out to dinner. Probably related to age/stages/phases.. but might also be that they have graduated to sitting in a booth with us (with or without booster chairs) vs being contained in a high chair. They are just so rammy and too energetic to sit still and eat. From what I hear, this phase lasts for quite a while so we might not be going out to eat as a whole family very often now.
Not much new with me and Chris... other than us eagerly watching the grass grow outside. It's part of conversation on a daily basis .... ooh, it's growing over there now etc. :) Cannot wait til we have a lawn full of grass to go run around in. Did find out that we may be going to a twins game courtesy of Chris' company (employee appreciation thing). Only downfall is it is on our 5 year wedding anniversary - October 1st. Oh well, dying to see the new Target Stadium .... so I'll take free tickets. Will just have to celebrate our anniversary yet another weekend as I know Chris wants to go back to the Capital Grille in Mpls. We went there for our 3 year anniversary and the guy has NOT stopped talking about the fantastic steak he had there and wants to go again to savor it once more. Me.... my idea of a good anniversary dinner will definitely include sushi as it is not something I get to have often living in Brainerd. Otherwise we're just rolling with the punches as usual. Very much looking forward to July 4th at the Hoglund's in Annandale - always a good time there. I'm sure I'll have plenty of photos to share after that trip. But for now.... here's what I have been snapping in the past couple weeks.
I love taking pictures of the boys while I chase them around the house, they always end up getting cornered at our bedroom door and have the silliest faces. Here are some of them

Lil Evie playing with one of the boys' sandals and doing raspberries with her mouth - something she does all the time now, making feeding times a little more challenging

More fun at our Gregory Park play dates: Some pictures of my friend. Shawna's, twin boys too - Jackson and Wyatt. And of course, every trip ends with us going over to splash around in the water fountain they have there... including a picture of Evie watching everyone play - she's so mellow, she just loves to watch.

Evie getting into EVERYTHING lately. She even has figured out how to unlatch some of our cabinet locks if they aren't pinched tight enough. And her other favorite past time.... emptying our shelves of all the books - here she is just getting started.

Just a couple of sweet pictures of the boys, and of Evie with her cousins Kelly and Brandon Hehir.

The boys wearing some of my high heel sandals. They actually walked quite well in them - they'll probably kill me for taking pictures of them like this (and sharing them). Finally got them to take them off by taking out some bowls and utensils for them to make a ton of noise with. Evie even joined in on the fun.

Our little walker. She just flies around with this thing now - and can even turn it when she has rammed into something so she can keep going. Now I need to get a picture of her walking sans assistance.

Just a bunch of pictures of the boys and Evie at the park down the street from us. We go for walks on most mornings and stop for a while at the park down the street so they can play. Evie loves the swing and the boys love to play with the many Tonka dump trucks, tractors, bucket loaders and back hoes they have there. We even got to see a sea plane land and take off a ton of times while we were there and they talked about that all day.

I love when the boys are like this..... when they take a break from fighting over toys and just love each other up.

The boys with Gma Chris - reading one of their favorite books "The Goodnight Train"

LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of Evie. Those big brown eyes just melt me most of the time. We even tried to put a bow in her hair for a while ... tho it didn't stay as there isn't much hair to hold it in there. :) It's growing and getting thicker though so I am holding out that it won't be long before I can put some pig tails in there.

Evie and her first encounter with a pickle. Amazing that almost EVERY child keeps going back to eating it, after making these sour faces every time.

A few more cute pictures of the boys that I was able to snap while chasing them around. I love the one of MacKay... just the composition of it and everything, and I did nothing to it...... no cropping, no color enhancement. It just ended up being one of those perfect pictures you get every now and then.

Brotherly love at its finest. Lately we've been finding the boys like this at night when we go in to make sure they are covered up before we go to bed. We just stand over them and smile and laugh. It's always MacKay climbing into bed with Oscar. I wish we had a way to see how it all plays out when he climbs in like that (we assume Oscar is sleeping). Once we even found MacKay all nuzzled up to Oscar and Oscar's big satiny tag (at neckline) was sticking out of his shirt.... obvious that MacKay had climbed in, pulled out the tag (he loves satiny things - rubs against his upper lip) and nuzzled up to him to rub his lip against it and probably fell asleep that way. Too funny

Well that is it. Have a fun and safe 4th of July everyone.... I'll post pictures of our fun holiday soon.

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