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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lots of Pictures.... and of course an update

Well our house is finally on the market. Infact it went on the MLS websites last Saturday, and since then we have had THREE showings. One Sunday, one Tuesday and one on Wednesday afternoon. So things are looking up and we're hoping the interest continues. For those of you interested in checking it out, here is a link:
Some general news concerning the boys: They are now drinking from their new STRAW sippy cups I got for them to try out. I got a couple different kinds (one cheaper, one expensive).. and wouldn't you know it, the expensive one is the one that doesn't leak all over the place. So have to get another one of those since they have taken to them pretty well - they still seem to drink more from their old ones (habit) but they are interested in and get quite a bit from the straws. We brought the boys out last Thursday (3/19) to this somewhat new authentic mexican restaurant in town (El Tequilla) as a celebration for getting our house on the market ...and the boys tried spanish rice, refried beans and guacamole and really seemed to like them. They also drank quite a bit of my Shirley Temple and shared some fried ice cream with us. They also have started eating with their spoons. Early on we had to load up the spoons for them, but they would get them in their mouth.... but on a few occassions since then they will attempt to scoop up their own food. It's a messy event, but they are getting the hang of it and getting better with their aim. They also LOOOOVE Oreo malts - we've had them a couple times in the last week and they are the WORST little beggers, standing there with their mouths wide open practically climbing up us to get more. They even get aggressive about it and push each other out of the way going back and forth between Chris and I trying to get as much as they can. They also really liked the Pork Chops with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy dinner we made for all of us the other night - and even as left overs a couple nights later. Usually Oscar is picky with his meats.. but they scarfed it right up.
MacKay and Oscar are having a BALL at ECFE lately too. This last time neither was shy at first or hesitant, they got right in and played with others and were their normal giggly friendly selves. Oscar was busy giving toys off the shelves to other kids and parents, and MacKay was playing in the kitchen set and playing peekaboo with Ella, a little girl in the class. In the gym Oscar went up the stairs and down the slide all on his own (and feet first down the slide vs trying to go head first) about 4 times... all the time laughing and playing with his new friend he made, Jackson. Meanwhile MacKay tried EVERYTHING out, the stationary cars (big steering wheels to spin), the balls, the play mats... but really loved the incline boards.... crawling up to the top, then walking down them with my help for balance and support. I loved seeing them so playful and making friends with the other kids.... usually when they go out they are so shell shocked that no one gets to see the MacKay and Oscar that I know best - always smiling and happy and giggling. The boys have new favorite toys again now too (wonder how long these will last)... our old Motorolla Razor cell phones. They know how to flip them open and even turn them on. We constantly hear voices on the other side - usually some Verizon message stating that the phone is not in service yadda yadda yadda. But they LOVE those things and can be entertained for HOURS with them. The boys are somewhat helping undress themselves as well. They take their arms out of their sleeves when we pull on them... but more recently they are lifting their shirts over their heads once their arms are out. My boys are growing up so fast. They're both talking up a storm too.... lots of "Get Downs" and "No no no"s - copying us. MacKay loves to say "Hi-eee" and wave when you come into their room in the AM, after their nap, or when Daddy comes home. And Oscar completes it with the "Bub Bye"s when we put them to bed or when people leave. They both are saying their own version of "Peekaboo" as well, and putting their hands over their eyes/faces to hide. And one of their newest is "Yummy" or "Nummy" when they are eating. On he non vocal side..... they BOTH are making it VERY clear when they don't want to do something that we ask of them by shaking their heads back and forth (No no) - doesn't matter what we ask of them, we just get it periodically. Of course it sends Daddy into fits of laughter (quit egging them on Daddy) each time cuz he loves to see their firey side.... We're still working on eyes/nose, ears, mouth, hair... and they get it more and more. They LOVE to grab our noses when we mention it though - they have quite the grasp.
Some MacKay stuff: He's quite the little helper at home... lately when we have juice spills (from those darn leaky sippys) he will grab our wipe cloth (usually for Oscar's drool or boogies) and wipe up the spots on the table. MacKay also tried to climb into the toy box with Oscar (Oscar spends quite a bit of time in there) and fell and hit his lip on the edge and split/bruised it - poor little guy. He's also figured out that when he pushes down hard on round things (specifically Kix cereal) it will eventually shoot out and fly off the tray - which he finds completely hilarious - especially when Angus goes running after it. He's still a little hugger, infact whenever we ask MacKay to go hug Angus or Oscar, he will go over and give them a BIG hug. He totally knows what that is and wants to please us cuz he keeps doing it when we tell him now nice he is being. He also will hug Oscar when I get on them for fighting and ask them to be nice. He also knows what "Naptime" means, as he goes running to the gate at the kitchen and waits for me to get there and put it down so he can go run into his bedroom. Little sponges, I tell ya I said, Oscar spends a good amount of time in the toy box, climbs in and makes himself comfortable and hangs out. He's getting very good at throwing too. Loves playing catch with us and actually has quite a good arm on him - he's got quite good aim and distance with his throws. Oscar has also figured out he has a lot of teeth - on a few occasions I find him chomping his teeth together to make a clicking noise, and he's quite amused with himself over it. Oscar has also found a new game to play with us.... after being chased he will come at us with his arms up (and on tippy toes) and make this "AHHHH" noise that builds up as he gets closer... then he slams his arms down and throws himself on you. I don't know if he is mimicking us when we "attack" him during our games of chase, or if he thinks he is a monster... but it is so hilarious to see in action.
Well, as always I could share more, but will quit here and throw in all the pictures we've taken recently. It's always such a struggle as far as what makes the cut to get on this site..... I try to pare it down, but there are some classics that I just HAVE to include.
MacKay and Oscar love climbing up onto (and into) their exersaucers.... and always seem to get stuck with one leg down, and the other leg up - looks so uncomfortable, but a lot of the time they have no problem with it.

Using spoons: Here we're eating some applesauce. They were actually scooping it themselves, with a little help (and still making quite a mess)

The boys LOVE horsie back rides. I cannot even sit on the ground without MacKay trying to climb on my back, and the minute Daddy lies on the ground to relax he has both boys climbing on him as if he were a circus ride.

.... and we've created monsters with this.....they even expect it from Angus....

More spoon practice: Mashed Potatoes. Daddy did all the loading of the spoons, but the boys had free reign on how they got (and how WELL they got) into their mouths. By the end Oscar looked like Santa Clause (was laughing too hard to take picture) and I love the picture of MacKay with the squirrly eyes going to the side.


MMMMM Oreo Malt Mustaches....

Their very own cell phones....

Lastly - caught in the act. I CANNOT stop them from going up on the very top/back of our love seat to get to the window - they love looking outside (in this picture it was actually snowing HUGE flakes) or banging on the window screens.

THE END .... for now

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