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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oscar is Walking !!!

First off, we had a fantastic weekend with the Wadman's, Matt, Jill and Cory. Friday night Chris and I (and the boys) went to Tim's (Chris's friend/coworker) 40th surprise birthday party. Jolene took to the kids home to put them to bed and we met Matt and Jill at Bada Bing's for a couple beers when they got into town. Then we went home and proceeded to drink massive quantities of wine and play Scene It until the wee hours. None of us were feeling too good the next morning and learned a lesson - we are far too old to be able to party hard two nights in a row. Must remember that next time and pace ourselves better :)
Steve, Stacy, Matt and Anna Wadman arrived on Saturday afternoon, as did Cory. The kids played well together and we grilled up quite a dinner...... but we were all so pooped we were all in bed by 11pm. Like I said - NEXT TIME..... But all in all it was a good weekend and I had a blast catching up with those guys and hearing about all the crazy times from Chris, Matt, Cory and Steve's college partying years. Chris informed me last night that they DID in fact study.... a couple times. Nice. But one very positive thing about having the Wadman's up here... they made me so much more confident about feeding the boys more solids. Anna was eating cheese, bread, grapes, Goldfish etc. So I decided to try the boys with this stuff and they ate it with no problem. So now they are getting this stuff on a daily basis and doing really well with it. I think next time we hit the grocery store we'll get them some deli meat to try too.... maybe even try pasta with them again. So Thank You to the Wadman's for that.
Yesterday Heidi and her 9 mo old daughter, Avery, stopped by for an hour on their way up to their cabin on Woman Lake. We had a nice visit and it was great to see Avery again - she is getting so big. And Heidi (generous Heidi) bought gifts for the boys for their upcoming first birthday. I just took them out of the boxes today and the boys LOVE them. Of course after they got bored with the actual toys they moved onto the enticing looking boxes that they came in.....why do we even spend the money huh?
And the big news..... Oscar is walking on his own. Self initiated and everything. Sunday after everyone left we were watching the Vikes and all of a sudden Oscar just let go of the recliner he was standing up against and started walking over to the coffee table. Prior to this he would walk about 5-6' to you if you put him in the middle of the room... but never did it on his own accord. Well now he is a walking machine (tho he looks a lot like Frankenstein in action) and prefers walking to crawling to get where he is going if he is already upright. We are so proud of him... and you can tell he is proud as well by the big smile he gets on his face every time. MacKay is completely content zipping around (gosh he is fast) via crawling and doesn't show much interest in walking yet. He will walk along furniture and behind his push toy... but won't even walk holding onto us. No rush though - I'm terrified that the day he learns to walk he will just start running. Those of you that know him know EXACTLY what I mean by this. We should start calling him "The Flash"
Well other than that stuff, not much else going on.... so here are some pictures
The boys' new Sports Center. We got this a while ago but just put it together this last Sunday. It has a basketball hoop (keeps score for each basket), a baseball to hit with a bat, and a football end post with a spinning football. They LOVED this game.... I say LOVED, cuz Angus has already chewed up BOTH of the basketballs that go with this and I cannot find any other balls that will work with this. THAT DOG..... unnnnghh. Well at least they got to play with it for 4 days before it was completely rendered useless.

MacKay and Oscar were kept pleased with two helium balloons from Tim's 40th birthday party - so they let us bring one of them home. MacKay just loves this balloon and screams and throws a temper tantrum when it gets away from him. And Oscar especially loves the rocker toy we set up for him this last weekend. We got it from Gpa Dean and Gma Bonnie last Xmas but just finally set it up. Eventually it turns into a mobile scooter thing too.

Some pictures of Frankenstein..... umm I mean OSCAR... walking. About 75% of the time he actually makes it to his intended destination too.

The boys were extra-specially giggly the other day and I was able to get some cute snapshots of them. MacKay wouldn't remove his fist from his mouth the entire time though.

MacKay and Oscar with their birthday gifts from the Nygrens. They got a counting piggy bank and the ball popper toy that every kid should have (Note I even caught a ball popping out in the picture). The boys didn't know what to think of that one.... but I got a lot of exercise crawling around after all the balls that bounced out of the machine.

And of course... the OTHER toy(s) they got from the Nygrens.... the boxes that the toys came in

Just a cute picture of Matt and Anna Wadman from this past weekend. Aren't they adorable? We meant to get a picture of all the kids together but Sunday morning was chaotic with people packing up so we never got one...... again... NEXT TIME :)

Over and out...... check back later.

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