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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oscar loves stairs... and MacKay's first haircut

Well it's been a couple weeks again.... and a lot has happened with with the boys. We took a trip up to Grandpa Gary and Terri's place in Duluth on Island Lake. They got to see a ton of the Kamps again (Muffett, Dan, John, Greg, Claudia, Sarah) who stopped over on Friday night. Saturday we ran over to Great Gma Bev and Great Gpa George's new place to visit for a bit. The boys had fun crawling around and exploring new environments. Later on we attempted to take the boys swimming. I say attempted cuz they were both a little cranky (MacKay especially) from not getting a morning nap..... Oscar seemed to do okay with it but MacKay screamed the entire time. So he sat up on shore while Oscar floated around in his inflatable car..... he even got out and floated on his back (assisted by Daddy) and really seemed to be entertained making noises and hearing what it sounds like when your ears are full of water. He seemed pretty relaxed and almost looked like he was going to doze off like that. Sunday we had a brunch and had Claudia, Greg, and Sarah back over.... and my Uncle Denny and Aunt Sandy MacKay (on my mom's side) came out as well to visit and see the boys. So glad they could as last time they saw them was Xmas and we will be seeing them soon at Shannon's wedding, but things will be so busy for them that they wouldn't really get to see the boys anyway. We had a really nice visit and I was so glad they were able to come out.
And just this last weekend we were down in the cities. I had to go down to get my dress fitted for Shannon's wedding, and we made some plans with a couple of Chris's friends (Matt, Jill, Steve and Stacy) to have some dinner. Had a fun night out with them and hoping to plan a weekend for them to pop up here and hang out soon as well. On Saturday night MacKay even got his first haircut. We've been talking about getting it cut for a while, but we finally HAD to do it - it was getting out of control and looking rather nappy (as you will see in pictures). So their Uncle Dennis came over and attempted HIS first infant hair cut, and MacKay's first haircut. It was quite the challenge cuz as soon as Dennis would grab some hair MacKay would wrench his body around to find Dennis. We tried distracting him with toys and things to play with but those didn't work for very long. The whole thing lasted about 10 minutes or so and he did SO well for it ... up until the last minute or so when Uncle Dennis finally got to the real long stuff on the top of his head and was trying to figure out how to shape that. But they both pulled through with minimal tears (on MacKay's end) and the result was a very nice first haircut for MacKay - he looks so swanky and debonaire now. And while MacKay was having one of his "firsts" Oscar found a "first" of his own as well. Oscar discovered STAIRS. He kept going over to them and staring up in amazement here and there... and then eventually made his attempt. We didn't realize he was going to go so fast cuz Gma Chris went to grab her camera thinking she had a few seconds to do so... only to find Oscar already on the 2nd step making his way to the 3rd. With some prodding and support he actually made his way up the entire staircase which was about 10-12 steps. Way to go Oscar. I think we'll have to start playing downstairs here at home more often so they can get some more practice with steps.
As for the boys...... there is LOTS of crawling going on. They get into everything and are tearing the house apart. They love to tear up newspaper and magazines, rip CDs off the rack, pull up on the TV stand (unngh), chase Angus around and get in his kennel (his safe haven where he hides when he's had enough of the boys) with him. There's no resting these days. And we have a lot of NOISE as well. They are pretty verbal and love playing with different sounds.... AND I should mention volume levels. A lot of clucking going on too - they find ways to click and cluck their tongues and once they find a new noise they just keep at it for hours. Oscar has been pulling up on furniture with ease and is scaling furniture pretty well...... MacKay took a while figuring that one out though. He's been getting up on his knees for a while, but just recently he's pulled all the way up to standing a few times. I think he's getting the hang of it now. And to date, MacKay has 4 teeth (2 up, 2 down) and Oscar has 4 (2 up, 2 down) but has 2 top teeth (the next ones out from the middle ones) that look like they are going to burst through any day now (tho they have looked that way for about a week now)
And man do they enjoy each other. I constantly find them staring at each other or playing with the same toy and just giggling at each other. Sure, every once in a while they try stealing a toy from one another and then the grunts and groans and shrieks start up with them pulling back and forth on a toy..... but even then after a couple tugs back and forth they start giggling about it all. It is so fun to watch them interact - it's like for them it is so natural to have this other "buddy" there all the time.
We've even started meats with the boys.... just the Gerber jarred ones for now. They weren't a fan at first but now they are eating them like champs. There really hasn't been much they don't like so we're lucky that way. Still haven't tried any REAL solid foods too much. We have given them those little puffs or cheerios and about half the time we end up with someone gagging so hard that they throw up. Not a fun mess to clean up multiple times a day - so we don't do it very often. We had their 9 month appt (late) yesterday and the doc told us to try some other more slimy foods instead. So I think we're going to start with some bananas, pears, peaches, eggs etc and see if we can't get these guys to start chewing and mashing their own food and get away from these stupid purees sometime soon.
Stats....... according to the scale at the doctor's office, Oscar is 22 lbs 7 oz which puts him in the 75th %tile. And MacKay is 21 lbs 13 oz which put him in the 50th %tile. Big boys... and they have caught up so quickly. And they did so good through their blood work (no shots this time - YAY) to test for Iron and Lead. Now we just need to schedule (unnnnghhh, I need some valium for this) MacKay's "snip" surgery for sometime in the next couple months. Neither Chris or I feel remotely okay about this but our pediatrician assured us that this is such a quick procedure that he will be under and out within 5 minutes. Like I said...... I hope they give valium for the parents during this.
Anyway - here are some recent pictures and descriptions as always. Enjoy and will have more later.
The boys with one of their newest toys. I feel horrible cuz I cannot remember who gave this to us but the boys like it. It's neat cuz it's a little "tyke bike" like in the pictures but it also converts to this push along thing to help them transition to walking.

Had to capture this - some of the boys' new favorite activities...... making a royal mess tearing up magazines and ripping CDs out of the rack (MacKay is more the instigator on this, Oscar just follows along). And playing with (in) card board boxes - why do we even buy toys? :)

The boys with their relatives they got to see up in Duluth. In order: Oscar and Great Gpa George (Kamp). MacKay and Great Gma Bev (Kamp). Claudia and MacKay & Sandy (MacKay) and Oscar.

Oscar enjoying swim time at Island Lake in his inflatable car (MacKay was onshore with Terri)

Our big boys - all three of them. The boys love to follow, play with, torment Angus. Here MacKay and Oscar have invaded Angus's safe haven, his kennel. The boys love playing in his kennel now whether Angus is in there or not.

Here are the boys playing at Grandma Chris's and wearing their cute little outfits from Gma Bonnie and Gpa Dean (Hoglund). I love these shirts - so bright.

The before and after shots. What an unruly mop he had before ......

Some pictures of Uncle Dennis making his best attempt at a good hair cut. Two pictures (one right after the other) where MacKay caught Dennis trying to snip some hair in the back and decided to shove his spoon in Dennis's face. And lastly a picture of the two survivors...... MacKay and his Uncle Dennis.

Oscar's first encounter with stairs.... he did pretty darn good for a first timer.

Back at home after two weekends away... watching Daddy mow the lawn out the front door. The boys love looking outside and climbing up the glass doors...... Had to include a picture of Oscar slobbering up our window for us.

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