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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

First post

The boys are now 3 months (and a couple days) old. I've become a bit of a photo taking freak. Will use this as a way to share some of our favorite shots and some of our milestones with the boys and family.

If you want to check out some professional pictures that Mandy Birdwell took of the boys, you can visit her blog at and go to her January 31, 2008 post. She did SUCH a nice job with the boys and it was so sweet when they both got tired and fell asleep. She got some of the most amazing sleepy shots of them snuggled up with each other.

Having some trouble posting my own pictures out here, I keep getting errors. Will have to try again later, but welcome to the Hoglund Blogspot

1 comment:

Dani Barthel said...

OMG! My nephews are so adorable!! They are getting so big!
Devin says: "Aww, those are my little babies!"
We miss them so much!
Hugs & kisses!!!!